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Virginia Raceway 4

By: Slider916/Cammel and Bud Lucas
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 08-May-06
Current release: 4, on 08-Mar-08

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Made by Megaherts for Nascar Heat, converted for rFactor with permission by Bud Lucas.

Virginia rFactor V2.0 by: Slider916/Cammel
A big thanks to Bud Lucas for giving permission to update this track.
Original rF readme files included out of respect for the authors.
Thanks to Pain-less for the awesome loading screens and graphic tweaks.

- Full working Start-/Pitlights
- New created AIWs with 48 cars
- Improved Textures
- Standing/Rolling Starts

Version 2.1 fixes
-Fixed problem with exiting garage tents
-Added * to the track filter
-brought the grid to 50 cars

Version 3.0 Fixes
-Haulers used with permission from Jason6787
-Fixed the brakemarkers to not be collision objects
-Added bump and spec mapping to the road

Version 4.0 Fixes
-Added the South Circuit
-Deleted the grandstands and tents on North side of main straight
-Changed the green guard rail texture
-Raised horizon so it is seen on each circuit

Have fun with this track,

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I know this is a late post but I'm a newcomer to rFactor, found this when searching for Virginia International Raceway simulators. I'm racing my 2003 Terminator Cobra 621HP this labor day weekend at VIR and use simulators to familiarize with the tracks. They will be running the "Grand West" course - same course that Car & Driver did a full spread on in Feb 2011 issue (you should read this, great stuff including speeds in and out of every turn for every car). Any chance that someone has or can add the Grand West track?? There are a lot of drivers going to this event that would absolutely appreciate it and all would buy a copy of rFactor if it were to come about!!
dd0tanjin on Feb-19-2011

We will be running VIR full course next week for the USGP series.

USGP is a US based casual series racing Sunday bights running the FS One 2008 mod - simply the best open wheel mod released. Through 2010 we'll take advantage of the fabulous wet tires this mod offers.

Visit for more details. Downloads for cars and tracks available. No sign-ups etc, just come race for fun.
IMSA GTP on Jan-31-2010

Here is the Virginia 4.0 that I have. Link:
Pain-less on Jan-31-2010 link via RD

(@werst) Just ran the 'full course' in the wtcc-ex Alpha - Love it to bits
_FIREWIRE_ on Jan-28-2010

can you put a link please , just easy ?
cico76 on Jan-28-2010

Hey All, Really good Road Course experience, got turned onto this track because of an article in the Feb/10 issue of Car and Driver where they tested 22 of the top performance cars of the world at the Virginia International Raceway, they even did a fast lap contest in each of the cars. At rfc you'll find v3.0 (3 layouts),
THERE IS a v4.0 of this track adding a 4th layout and tweaking the other 3. It is not here at rfc, nogrip, or racedepartment(link does not work), BUT it is at, a post by the author of this track himself, 'Bud Lucas' with a working link to the v4.0 track at magauploader. You can easily find it by following this path: tracks/pg. 6/ Vir v4.0. Just so ya'll know, HAGD. Richard
werst59 on Jan-28-2010

Could not find v4 at NoGrip but did locate it at
Fastfest on Jan-21-2010

Great track, any chance we could get the patriot course?
coxkart15 on Apr-28-2009

I found VIR 4.0 on NoGrip. Why isn't it here? I a bunch of people will be having mismatches.
NoelH on Dec-17-2008

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