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Virtual Driver 0.80

By: Rodrigo Moraes and Rodrigo Moraes

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: rodrigommoraes
Screenie by: rodrigommoraes
Screenie by: rodrigommoraes
Screenie by: rodrigommoraes

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Virtual Driver: Portal manages the career of riders and events
free alloys

The Virtual Motorsports has just won a tool that will
make life easier for drivers and their teams. What pilot never thought to be
reminded of all the races, the leagues have events reported in one
place, a placeholder for their trophies, with access to a historical
best track times, number of poles, wins, and mileage
other details so important to a good career at AV? Now this is
possible with the Virtual Driver.
The portal will manage the careers of virtual drivers and their teams and
provide several tools to disclose anything that involves motoring
virtual and the best, free.
Who can earn even more with the site are the leagues, they may
disclose their championships, offer direct entry and still have
monitoring of all its riders, with rankings and statistics.

Riders can win prizes from the site.
The best driver of each season will receive prizes. In the first phase
the prize is a shirt with the Virtual Driver winner's name on the back and
a reference to excellence in the season or year in which he was awarded.

How it works?
The Virtual Driver features a software that performs automatic upload
files generated by rFactor, allowing the pilot time
can be compared in real time.
As alloys include events and championships, and pilots
fall, all workouts are monitored and stored in the system,
to generate statistics. According to the results of rankings are made
drivers and teams, as well as records that can be accessed at any
Items such as: best track time, mileage, number of poles
and victories, for example, are stored for each pilot that may
access and review your history. What helps a lot to the pilot in its
strategies for future races.
Remember, the pilot needs to keep the software open so that statistics can be updated in real time. To download, simply log into the site, access the menu and follow the download instructions. The software has two automations that are automatic login and start service automatically. These two features enable the rider to simply open the application and so the rFactor is released he had begun to monitor their laps.

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