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Vultura Hills 1

By: Jet Stream Raceways and Jet Lowa
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 21-May-12
Current release: 1, on 23-May-12

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Screenie by: Jet Stream Raceways
Screenie by: Jet Stream Raceways
Screenie by: Jet Stream Raceways
Screenie by: Jet Stream Raceways
Screenie by: Lerper
Screenie by: Lerper
Screenie by: Lerper
Screenie by: Lerper

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This fantasy track is my first track
Build with BTB trial version.

The track is 6.009 km long.
It's a high speed track with many camber and walls.

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online23 on Mar-30-2018

Ofcorse i like my own track

And i don't mind if some think it's boring.
There are about 3 mil laps driven on ovals every year again, and maybe 1000mil are looking to them in stadium or Flatscreens at home.
If it was realy boring this kind of racing, it was not there.
So not everyone like the same kind of tracks.

So just have fun with the tracks you like, and skip this if you don't like it.

I love it
Lerper on May-24-2012

Thanks very much for this funny track. Great work mateski !
Waiting for your next creations
JETMYNOU26 on May-24-2012

Nice effort for your 1st attempt, perhaps when moppelino contrbutes something other than negetive comments we might start taking notice of him. Ignore losers, take on constructive comments and look forward to your next release
lesrose52 on May-24-2012

Nice work for the 1st Track u ever made, there is much work inside and
i respect it! Looking also forward for the next Tracks, juhuuuuuu!
JET-Babbo on May-24-2012

"Thanks for all your time and effort" - of course, but sorry, this is boring...
moppelino on May-24-2012

Great track, thx for it! Greeting from Poland
etienne_ on May-23-2012

Thanks for all your time & effort, keep it up!

Cheers from the Hoods ^^
Slangie on May-23-2012

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