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WTCC 2011 0.95

By: Dono and DLT Modding Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Gornik312
Screenie by: Gornik312
Screenie by: DLT Modding Team
Screenie by: DLT Modding Team

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Using this mode were older versions, but they were not out to rFactorCentral. This will present the Final is the final version.
I've been ready for us with this add-on. A lot of work behind it, but once completed will be very good. The World Touring Car Championship 2011 season mod-processing. Now I'll explain some characteristics:
- 2011 drivers, teams and skins
- Turbo engine in the car
- New, more realistic physics
- Track Pack
- New, custom menu and loading screens
- New car models and upgraded BMW 320TC Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T, and Volvo C30 Drive
- SR Leon 1.6T and Chevrolet Lacetti will include
- A new, nicer skins
- A lot of good use and development on the car
- The prices of cars will resemble the real ones in the game

2012.DLT Modding Team.Made in Hungary.

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Any idea when this will be ready? There is a download link below but I don't want to have to sign up or register to join any download site to be able to enjoy this. Please...when it's ready...give a couple of good download sites.
mcb52 on Jul-26-2012

Thank.WTCC 2012 Coming Soon...
Dono on Jun-05-2012

Nice physics. Real cars. But. I've tested Gabierls Tarquini Leon car, and it drive at first gear almost 130km/h and over 200km/h at third gear by default settings. With changes it drives almost 200km/h at fourth gear. BMWs (I loved the physics in this car) and Chevys (with a lot of power) are ok by default (can do a little correction) but Volvo I think has to many power. And the default transmission setup isn't so good too. By default it runs only 160km/h with correction it runs with no problems over 230km/h and became the fastest car on the track.
I really loved to wait for any update. Maybe one comes out? Or the works are end 'bout this mod?

Sorry for my English.
smogf on Jun-03-2012

Does not tend to do such a thing. But if not resolved, it will be an update in 2012 is many things to improve.
Dono on Mar-31-2012

Mod shows up on Racing Series, but won't load. Anyone with instructions on properly loading this mod?
Thank you.
hma on Mar-26-2012

Download Link:
Dono on Mar-26-2012

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