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WTCC BMW E90 1.03

By: MaNTzEl aka AmStaFF and RS Group
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 07-Sep-08
Current release: 1.030, on 27-Oct-08

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Screenie by: MaNTzEl
Screenie by: MaNTzEl
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Screenie by: THEDUMMY
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Screenie by: GeraArg
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Hey guys,

it is ready, the release will be today: STCC - BTCC - WTCC - AddOn!


Car List STCC:
Fredrik Ekblom - West Coast Racing - Car No. 01
Robin Rudholm - West Coast Racing - Car No. 06
Richard Göransson - Flash Engineering - Car No. 03
Jan Nilsson - Flash Engineering - Car No. 05
Carl Rosenblad - Elgh Motorsport - Car No. 28

Car List BTCC:
Mat Jackson - BMW Dealer Team UK - Car No. 07
Steven Kane - Motorbase - Car No. 24
Robert Collard - Motorbase - Car No. 25
Colin Turkington - Team RAC - Car No. 05
Stephen Jelley - Team RAC - Car No. 50

Car List WTCC 08:
Takayuki Aoki - Wiechers Sport - Car No. 17

- new skin for Poulsen driven in Oschersleben 08
- new Safety Car for STCC & BTCC
- all Talent files modified

Have fun!!

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Latest WTCC BMW E90 Comments

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This is the best driving mod yet for rfactor. I have done many track events in my mustang gt 2011 here in the midwest, and this simulation has the best feel for what my car feels like on the track. The physics are spot on for your average driver doing tracks days. I put the car the cars aides on low and dont mess with the forcefeedback. I do change the driving view and adjust it so the track is visible and outside of the cockpit. so the view is from the hood. The stock "in car view" is to restrictive and not real feel because when you are driving all you see is the track and hood. Everything else your mind blocks out. Great mod and have fun
svorec on Nov-24-2013

Why the steering wheel disapears for no reason and then it comes back again??? What am i doing wrong guys???
JosephG on May-15-2013

no idea max.

does anyone have a patch for the brakes?
cesar87 on Jan-25-2013

The sound doesn't work on my download, I tried clicking the 'download original soundpack' link on the vehicle profile page but it takes me to the rfactor lite download page. Any ideas or a link to solve it?
MaxCoates71 on Jan-23-2013

Go to your "Plugins" folder and delete the Realfeel .dll
rainmaker87 on Dec-04-2011

Hello, I accidently installed realfeel and I don't know how to get it out. I set it to "False" in the realfeelplugin.ini as I do not find it in the plugins directory. Now the wheel shakes without reason or sometimes it somehow follows corners (without acticated assistant). The behaviour is totally unpresictable now and I cannot uninstall the anything from the mod
I loved the wheel behaviour WITHOUT realfeel - it already felt real.

Can anybody help me?

rfactornewbie on Nov-29-2011

Thx 4 this great mode, I love it
eeffeekkuuss on Apr-17-2011

yes,does anyone know how to disable real feel?
pironi1 on Apr-07-2011

Great mod with GREAT physics, performance and details, no.1 for me.
I was looking for a mod worth playing a championship as I always get bored half way , is there a way to get the tracks for, let's say, 2006 season? For example, how do I find EXACTLY "Magny_Cours-GP4"? Just browse rfactorcentral and check the name of the download? Can I find a pack? And one more question (for advanced users I guess): if I start the championsip and download the tracks as I progress, would that be ok?

Again, great job, by far the best mod, beats the original too. A must-have also for entry-level drivers since the car is not that punishing, the engine is not powerfull enough for the suspension. Races are great even with AI since evb is using the same car, tight and clean all the way!
V8Li on Mar-29-2011

we´re planing a 2h event and we need a pace car.
we use a porsche 997 cup.
Is it ok, if we use your warning light from the WTCC BMW?
Would be very nice if i / we get your permission.

best regards

bleckmes on Dec-13-2010

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