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Wakefield Park 1

By: alexk13
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Jan-09
Current release: 1, on 05-Jan-09

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Screenie by: pimpfreak
Screenie by: pimpfreak
Screenie by: pimpfreak
Screenie by: pimpfreak
Screenie by: Br.eak-71
Screenie by: Br.eak-71
Screenie by: alexk13
Screenie by: alexk13

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

"Wakefield Park is a 2.2km racing circuit that operates under a CAMS National Circuit Licence, AASA and also under the Department of Sport and Recreation permit scheme.

The circuit is located 2 hours drive from Sydney and about 1 hour from Canberra, and is positioned 10km south of Goulburn on 130 acres of cleared land. There are no trees or natural obstacles near the track. Safety is paramount and ripple strips, tyre walls and gravel traps have been positioned so as to make Wakefield a very safe circuit on which to run any type of racecar, production car or motorcycle (e.g., for product launches).

In October 2000, after extensive track improvements and enhancements, Wakefield Park hosted a round of the TOCA 2 Litre Super Touring Car championships. The 2000 2 Litre Super Touring Car championship leader Paul Morris quoted Wakefield Park as "the best short track circuit in Australia today"."

Thanks to
- Piddy for creating and continually developing Bobs Track Builder.
- Ennisfargis for the tarmac textures and template
- Guitarmaen for his AIW and CAM editor
- Gilles Benoit for the Corner and Pit Workers
- Radar (AOG) for the use of a dedicated Server for online beta testing
- Jayforce (TOG) for his advice with AIW editing
- The Drivers at Australian online Gamers and The Older Gamers for their beta testing and additional ideas
- Australian Online Gamers, The Older Gamers, RaceSimCentral and rFactorCentral communities for their knowledge and support
- ISI for developing rFactor

There will be updates in the future, such as the other track layouts that you can see in the screenshot

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anybody planning to convert this to rF2 version ? Wakefield Park is probably the most popular track for casual trackday for it's accessibility & availability but it seems that rF1 is a bit too out-dated now. Would like to see this amazing track on rF2, the far more advanced simulation.
Everfree on Apr-19-2015

Hello. I want to ask for permission to convert this track, to old F1C game. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
JALNERVION on Sep-09-2013

Any news on a new update? Track looks good but the elevations and the new ripple strips aren't quite there yet. If only someone could laser scan Wakefield like they did with EC as ECs map is amongst the best I've driven.
munkaii on Dec-20-2011

Great track Alex. I've only been there once myself but I really liked the place. Would like the AI to be much quicker though. A GTR2 version wouldn't go astray either.
genegaz on Nov-23-2009

I have a problem: When AI cars go out from the pit, some of them can't do that and they crash in the left of the screen.
Snarl on Aug-13-2009

Whats the ETA on the new update? will there be major improvements in terms of visuals. Loving the current version by the way but would like more detail. Thanks on a great job.
FLICK on Aug-02-2009

ok, having recently visited the track, and taken tons of photos, I am progressing on the next version. There was a lot of work to do, and there is still a fair bit of that to complete. Please be patient - the updates are coming.
alexk13 on May-26-2009

yo dude any news on the track updates im hanging to do the go kart track
Kizza42 on Apr-30-2009

Great conversion. It's pretty damn close to the real thing and a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks for the hard work.
GOTB Racing on Mar-04-2009

Not bad at all. Thanks for making this track.
hingo on Jan-31-2009

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