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Wallrav Race Center 0.80

By: dominus1996
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 21-Jun-11
Current release: 0.800, on 23-Jun-11

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Screenie by: ..
Screenie by: ..

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This is a early version of this track.

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390/500 (48 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Track Layout
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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Good track.
Qwerz on Apr-20-2012

Agree completly with NitroMcClean. It's so easy to be negative, try to make some positive comments. Maybe give some advice or try the help the guy.
Keep building tracks dominus 1996 there will always be someone who likes to drive your tracks.
nezeiges on Jun-27-2011

@Quertreiber: Who do you think would want to know if you should release a track of this quality? If you can't write anythink better then this I don't care at all what you release or not.
NitroMcClean on Jun-26-2011

I don't know why on lower detail textures change. But it is only beta, in final release will not be errors.
dominus1996 on Jun-26-2011

and another btb track with standart textures. one tree looks loke the next. I would never release a track in this quality. This track i build in under 1 hour ;-)
Quertreiber on Jun-26-2011

This track looks good for me in rFactor and is also nice to drive, but the AI cars have a lot of trouble on the this track. They fly to the air a lot of times after touching the kerbs.
NitroMcClean on Jun-25-2011

I drove on this track many times. The problem is not here, but the circuit board, which is flat. Curves are not profiled in any way, which is very important if you want to reproduce reasonably well the track.

Je?dzi?em po tym torze wiele razy. Problemem nie s? tu tektury ale ca?y tor, który jest p?aski. Zakr?ty nie s? wyprofilowane w ?aden sposób, co jest bardzo wa?ne je?eli chesz odwzorowa? w miar? dobrze ten tor.
wisnia007 on Jun-24-2011

I think you have a little problem with textures. This stripes on the track if it shoul be I'm sorry. I don't know it but i lived only 20km from this track. If you want help I could try it because i started lerning 3d graphic but I have never done something to this game without car painting. So if you send me a 3d model I can tray help you.

S?dz? ?e macie ma?y problem z teksturami te bia?e pasy na nawierzchni toru, cho? mo?e tak mia?o by? nie wiem bo nigdy tam nie by?em cho? mieszkam tylko 20 km od toru. Jak ciche mog? spróbowa? pomóc, cho? nigdy nie robi?em niczego do tej gry z wyj?tkiem malowania. Je?li chcecie ?ebym spróbowa? wy?lijcie model 3d, lub napiszcie to podam maila.
mr on Jun-24-2011

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