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Wellington 500 V08a 1987 to 1992 1

By: Drathuu
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 09-Jul-11
Current release: 1, on 10-Jul-11

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Screenie by: Drathuu
Screenie by: Drathuu

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The Wellington 500 was a 500 km (310 mi) street race for touring cars which took place at Wellington City in Wellington, New Zealand. The race was first proposed in 1984 and first took place a year later with a different layout from that to the original proposal.

Initially dubbed the Nissan Cue 500, the first event in 1985's title was changed at the last minute to the Nissan Sport 500 due to Cue Magazine's demise in the week preceding the event. The following year Mobil became a naming sponsor and the Nissan Mobil 500 name was born.

The Nissan Mobil 500 was actually a two-event series with the first round being held at the Wellington Street Circuit and the second at Pukekohe Park Raceway south of Auckland.

In 1987, the Nissan Mobil 500 Wellington Street Race was a round of the inaugural FIA World Touring Car Championship. The WTCC lasted only one year and was a victim of its own success - the FIA feared it would take money away from Formula 1 and stopped sanctioning the Championship.


This is my first Track, build from scratch (Commenced January 2011) -

Track was modelled from google earth with the Wharf side of the track having to be built from scratch by matching off against existing builidng's, some old wharf photos i discovered and Dick Johnsons hotlap youtube video.

Hope you all enjoy this release version - Looking forward to some feedback (Either positive or negative).

Please note: WIN7 64 bit users, if you have to browse to your rfactor folder sometimes the installer adds a space before the rfactor directory and it wont install, just delete the space if this happens (Beleive its the auto installer bug) Happens only on a rare few configs.

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Latest Wellington 500 V08a 1987 to 1992 Comments

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Hi Drathuu, just an update.

I have created a website for the XCITER, it details the corrected years I entered, more will be added over time, theres a good picture from Wellington on there.

I am currently rebuilding the car to race in the new HMC class, it will be even faster now than it was then.

KRACE on Nov-17-2011

everytime i start this track rfactor crashes. anyone had this problem?
S3ANPukekoh3 on Oct-21-2011

Hi Graham

Thanks for posting that, the Rfactor moderator got in touch with me.

Yes thats it, it was a bit too wet as I had the HARD tires on, it was a real problem getting traction, couldnt use the Softs as they were basically slicks, if it hadnt dried out I would have been caught. In the last couple of laps I think The Porsche and my times were about the same.

Speed down Cable street was about 125MPH.
KRACE on Aug-23-2011

Here is a race the above person was in around this track

GrumpySpeed on Aug-23-2011

HI Drathuu

Yes indeed you have it correct for that year, you even have the dropoff at the end of the pit straight, they appear to have changed it a couple of times since then.

Here is an updated one that still isnt like it was in 92 so maybe 91:

The difference being they opened up the cable street entry even more than shonw there in later years! that was when the camber became an issue.

Then theres the 94 version:

KRACE on Aug-01-2011

This was the year it was modelled on.. dick johnston hotlap

and some external footage
Drathuu on Jul-29-2011

Hi Drathuu

I meant as you turn left into cable street at the end of the straight where the Michael Fowler center is on the right, I am not sure what year you modeled but I just drove down there n RFACTOR and its not the same as when I raced, basically the turn into Cable street was fairly high speed after already crossing to the left before the MF center. PETER BROCK CRASHED IN THERE) I raced in 92 and 94 so maybe in 91 or 93 it was like you have it????

I dont remember the stepup to the bridge being like that either, I have some TV3 footage and various photos somewhere but I only have in car video from 1994, should you wish to model that one.

At the end of the Pit Straight that RH kink also dropped off camber badly, I spun there and just missed the wall, Id say it was about a 3 degree slope dropping down to the left.

BUT A GREAT EFFORT FOR SURE!!!!! Brings back memories, I see someones even online on it today!

KRACE on Jul-28-2011

Kev, cheers, i likely didnt get the camber right.. was very hard to tell road camber from the incar zoomed vid.. and external camera shots i found on youtube.. As i am trying to read it you at the end of the straight, you hung the left/right turning onto cable st... Is it the right hand side closest to the hotel on the corner that steeply cambered in ? or the opposite side, (Where the car fades out too as you accelerate into cable st that had the camber toward the left wall ?
Drathuu on Jul-28-2011

Hi Drathhu

Well done for doing the work, I actually raced on this circuit in my 1968 Corvette on 3 occasions in the GT races(Achieved a 3rd in this configuration and a 1st in the 1994 version) Ill download it and do some laps, one of the key features was the off camber on the R/H side of the road turning into Cable Street, a real WALL GATHERER.....

Kevin Gill
KRACE on Jul-27-2011

Thanks, can't wait to try this.
hamtheman88 on Jul-22-2011

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