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Weston Beach Race 1

By: Madcowie
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 08-Jun-10
Current release: 1, on 08-Jun-10

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Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie

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Based on the Weston Beach Race motocross track. This event is a 3 hour endurance race that invites the best motocross drivers in the world. 1000 Riders take part in this big endurance race.

This track was used 18 months ago at the London Boat Show in connection with D-Box.

Hope you enjoy!!

Madcowie Productions (No Tags Racing)

Currrently are running a league on Sunday Nights using the WCORR 2.5 mod. Would be great if you guys could come and join us.

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Madcowie, you deserve every one of the 5 stars I voted this track. Spot on and really fun, love to have a big field of cars and lost of chaos - just like the real one!
F10vv3R on Jul-20-2011

I have not played this yet - will do so as soon as I get a chance, but I have watched the video & it looks awesome!!!

Any chance you could port this track to MXSimulator also - it'd be fantastic!
AshesMX on Jun-25-2010

More sand, more sand, more sand, maybe a few castles - oh, and some puddles to splash through.
Fastfest on Jun-13-2010

Oh man, this track pak rocks. It takes some good ole concentration to get some consistent laps here. And the Pro2's are more then a hand full.

And the voting system here sucks. I know it is not here for the votes, just to spread it throughout the sim racing community, but who are these retards that vote on here for dirt tracks. If anything this track is a 4.5 star track for sure.
Eagleman on Jun-09-2010

Awsome track, Really nice work MadCowie, We appreciate the plugs very much.
taterskin on Jun-09-2010

Yippee! Good to see new stuff here from the best friend rFactor ever had, MADCOWIE. The creator of the most fun tracks, IMHO. I'll have to dust off my old rFactor and boot it up again.

Thanks Madcowie
Fastfest on Jun-09-2010

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