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Whelen Modifieds 0.60

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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This is NAVALHAWKEYES Modified car of the Short Track Thunder WIP. Ryan has granted permission to complete this mod so I have opened a new section so as to differentiate it from the Super Modifieds being worked on by someone else.

As for its present status, we are putting the final touches on the physics. Once we are happy with the physics we will work on the graphical elements and some tracks.

A decision hasnt been made yet as to when and if we will go to public beta testing. Stay tuned here for more info until NARCA opens its Modified Forum to the public.

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Is there anyone as disappointed as me that these never came to fruition in rFactor? It appears NARCA is no longer. Is NavalHawkeye still out there somewhere?

If anyone is interested in strapping there butts to these rockets and tearing up some serious asphalt let it be known.
pepjr61 on Dec-12-2011

Looks like this mod got shelved once again, this time by someone else.
pepjr61 on Sep-26-2011

are there any extra skins about for the beta??
scottland666 on Aug-26-2011

I have just released a beta version of the mod and Thompson International Speedway. Feel free to drop by to try them out.
g8r on Sep-28-2010

Check here
jzee on Jun-22-2010

Waiting for this! Just got back from an ROC Modified race...
358modchampion on Jun-20-2010

@need4speedic can you give me the link to the nascar2003 mod please?
horvathn on Apr-26-2010

no downloads. no shocker there. back to nascar2003 mod
need4speedic on Mar-20-2010

Any new news on this mod? Would be apreciated! Thanks
BigBubbaDirt on Feb-15-2010

Getter done boys....lots waiting....need a hand let me know!!!
supermodified on Oct-06-2009

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