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Whilton Mill 1.10

By: austinman55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 04-Feb-10
Current release: 1.100, on 09-Feb-10

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Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55

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The Long Awaited Whilton Mill Kart Track for Rfactor!

the track is 100% complete to my knowledge any issues please let me know and i'll sort them out!.


Hi guys I have just uploaded the new 1.1 version of Whilton Mill with the working AI file for the long layout. In order for this to work you will need to delete the old version before installing this one.



Just Changed the download link to one on super sim karting to see if that is the issue... let me know if you get a working one or not from it!

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Hello guys,

Working on a laptime simulation project, I would like to get the curvature file of Whilton Mill kart circuit.

Do you know if this information is present into the track folder that we can download ? I don't find anything.

bmwman974 on Jul-24-2014

Hi guys, is there a current link for this track?
(and any other uk kart tracks)

chriskemp on Apr-12-2012


Really looking forward to trying this track out as I race there for real in May.

Any idea when the download link will be back up?
0Risk on Mar-24-2010

Hey guys i had this problem as well, to fix it just copy a sky.mas file from another track that has it
JuniorRotax22 on Feb-11-2010

Hi mate, I honestly don't know what is wrong there, both tracks run perfectly fine for me, I even deleted the track and extracted the RAR to see if it ran and it still did.
I had a friend that had the same problem and he just downloaded it again and it then worked for him.
Check that the SKY.mas file is there... it should be in the Whilton Mill main folder if it isn't there take one from another track and put it into that folder... see if that works.

Please let me know if it works or if you get it working another way so others can sort it the same way!
austinman55 on Feb-08-2010

I keep getting a 'crc error whilton sky.mas is broken' message, I've tried downloading three times but still get the error.
jon157uk on Feb-08-2010

hi guys just to let you know, i have just deleted the download link for the track as there is quite a bad bug with the AI file for the long layout that i will sort on monday and get back up monday lunch time, sorry it can't be sooner but i have to work all weekend!
austinman55 on Feb-05-2010

Hi, just to say if you want a hand with GYG i only live 20 minutes away from there and i know the track back to front upside down with my eyes closed, so if you want a hand with anything there or any photos of anything just PM me
crg32 on Dec-26-2009

I've done most of Kimbolton, will proberbly be my next track that i release after this one. but apart from that and GYG nothing else to be honist
austinman55 on Dec-08-2009

kk what other tracks are you working on atm?
JuniorRotax22 on Dec-05-2009

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