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WienAspern 1

By: Raido1 and RudyD
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1

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This is a freely distributable scratchbuilt track of Wien-Aspern for pc race simulators like rFactor and similar sims (GTL). V1.0 was built by RudyD in 2013. It may be converted to other sims later on.

Wien-Aspern was a real-life arfield circuit in Austria, in use from about 1956 to about 1977. It's not one of the country's well-known circuits like the Salzburgring or the Oesterreichring, yet still well-known drivers like Niki Lauda and Jochen Rindt cut their teeth upon it, in junior formula like the Formule Vee, often delivering hard fights in these spec formula's on the 'Flugplatzrennen'. 1966 ergebnisse (results) give the Vee best lap of about 1:24.2, with the sports cars also about the same with a Fiat Abarth 850 about the same 1:24 too.

Also Stirling Moss raced it about 1961 and put up the lap record of about 1:22 in a Formula Junior. It was also used for motorcycle races. It was closed about 1977 and temporarily turned back only for airfield duty. There were some 'Gedächtnisrennen' in remembrance of the earlier races, but serious races were afaik never held. Especially on the computer it's hoped to change all that ;)

Nevertheless, this virtual recreation of Vienna (Wien)-Aspern was made in 2013, mainly for rFactor (and also for GTL) and freely available to spread for everyone and drive for all. Conversions of this track are expressly allowed, as long as proper credit is given.

The track was mainly developed and tested for rFactor (running on a Mac) and also for GTL. That is to say, here's also a version for GTR2 and maybe more variants for other sims will appear not too long after the rF version.

At this time, apart from the rF and GTL versions the other versions for GTR2 etc were not exhaustively tested (only a quick check to see if it would run in these sims) because doing all those additional versions would cause me to make and test four different versions of the track, which is a bit much. So I'll plan to pack the extra versions up in an archive, leave it on the Internet somewhere and leave any new versions up to the converters.
Tests were mainly done using mods as Plickbadger's Spec Miata, Vintage Formula Vee, the GTL TC-65 sports cars, GTR2 cars (Elise), Vintage Formula Ford, rF Caterham, and other lower-powered mods.

To install, extract and copy the track folder to your rFactor, GTL, (and if so wished GTR2)\GameData\Locations\ folder. Ignore any MacOSX folders (.DOS etc), they're a byproduct of the Mac file system.

If you'd like the AI to speed up or slow down a bit, raise or lower the Worst/Mid/Bestadjust values in the .aiw file (in the track folder) by about 0.2 at first and experiment a bit until you're happy with it. Especially in the GTL and GTR2 it's not always easy to get consistent AI behaviour, but it should help becoming the computer opponents a bit adjusting to your driving style and speed.

I hope to release it so that people will be able to make their own improvements and additions later on. As a result of this "GNU GPL-style" kind of release, people who make new versions should release their new add-ons to the public as well, though. This track or its conversions may not be sold for profit without permission.

- Known issues: The AI may not be setup that well for long(er) races, I tested them mainly during short ones, without pit stops. - Also, haven't included Rain or Night versions (but feel free to add those if you are able to - see conditions above).

Credits and thanks go to:

- Ennisfargis (Sky/horizon)
- Piddy/ Bob's Track Builder
- KittX (skyfile/dds, VLM for some textures (modified), track pack makers of RaceDepartment. Thanks!)

Regards, RudyD

Version 1.0 for rF1 (mediafire link):

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