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Williams FW16b (1994) 1

By: zeuchoa & nice guys
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 16-Oct-08
Current release: 1, on 16-Oct-08

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Screenie by: cosm1
Screenie by: cosm1
Screenie by: cosm1
Screenie by: cosm1
Screenie by: yasuo
Screenie by: yasuo
Screenie by: Ryuichi
Screenie by: Ryuichi
Screenie by: Ryuichi
Screenie by: Ryuichi

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This is a conversion from the FW16 available with F1C 1994 mod hosted at

There was no reference for the author, so I could not request permission.

It is still very raw... mirrors don't work (if u manage to fix, plese report to e)

Physiscs can still be improved

cockpit display doesn't work.

If u know how to cnvert from F1C and would like the original mod to convert cars, please contact me. I'm in search of people to convert other cars to make a 94 mod, since other 94 mods are taking so long...

The idea is not to compete with professional mods such as ctdp / mmg, but to give people a taste of these cars till better mod is released.

NOTE: thanks for all those who encouraged the continuous development of th project... I know it needs a lot more to be done, but with ur help it is getting much better.

Specil thanks to cosm1 for the sound fix... Now sounds look gr8!

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Sem dúvida essa é a pior bosta disponível para download neste website
Felipe_Br on Feb-01-2013

Sorry for the double comment, but today i tried to drive this car on an imola track i downloaded recently, and my game cut out and i restarted it but it was on the '91 mod which was the one i used before i used this one. ...... 0.o
nome66 on May-02-2011

Yesterday. Rest in peace.
nome66 on May-02-2011

Here is Pre-Alpha Version
of the 1994 mod from RGR Team
1994 LE
Nel5on on Aug-14-2010

If anyone wants 19994 imola follow this Link: Text
fifa2005 on May-18-2010

uninstal and re-install it?
anthot2 on Dec-16-2009

Just wondering, i'm having an issue with the Williams. I've changed the damage file and now there is no helmet in the cockpit, its sitting below the plank of the car!! can someone explain to me how this happened please. Also, if i remember correctly, there was a camera pod on the side of sennas car. It was silver and held a camera, do u know if that is an angle that can be used when flicking through the onboard cameras as i wouldnt mind racing a lap around imola. i want that shot as apart of my tribute video. (and not being used to show his accident)
Camryn on Dec-12-2009

all u guys complaining about this mod because it was ayrton senna's last f1 car he drove why don't u complain about ctdp. There making a mod for the 1994 season i don't see u complaining about that
anthot2 on Oct-27-2009

yeh it alright but shadows? where ar ethey?
jeff12345 on Oct-13-2009

I love this mod, 'cause Ayrton can finally wins that Imola GrandPrix.
SubliminalChaos on Aug-10-2009

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