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World Rally Champions 0.10

By: Siik Modding Team
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: AEF_Silky

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Covering over 20 years of rally the Siik Modding team is aiming to bring to you the best rally experience possible in a game, with stunning models and incredible physics the "World Rally Champions" mod will showcase some of the greatest rally cars ever made in an experience like none before.

If you are interested in helping out with this mod please read below.

Track Maker

If you can do any of the above and are hard working and committed please email me at

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Whats happening with this mod?
Can you at least release some cars as we're waiting please?
Salvadore on Aug-16-2010

it's me fevorit car
kira88 on Jul-02-2010

when will it be ready i love to have a subaru impreza WRX 98
kira88 on Jul-02-2010

maybe adding some legends into this mod if it hasn't been thought about?
irelandboy on Jun-02-2010

Ok guys. This mod looks awsome, but can someone help me?

I cant find ANY good rally tracks... im kinda new into rfactor and i just want some help.
thebest4444 on Jul-12-2009

I thinks, you do a super job, but as it would be, if you work with Rally Enthusiasts together. You would be able to then divide you them/her/it you the work and would come more quickly in front. It is however only a well-meant taps and no grouse.
Sorry, i can't wait. Sorry, Sorry ;-)
Addy on Jul-07-2009

Thanks! Please joins your list of cars the Toyota Corolla WRC, and the Toyota Celica GT-Four, both the ST-185 and ST-205. They're unique!
amatute on Apr-12-2009

awesome, i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stjepanj on Mar-24-2009

Originally posted by: Wittrock1991

This is the GRAND ERA of World Rally... Those times were magical. Today's Rallycars are filled to the edge with computers and stuff, back in 99 they did it the hardcore way, they did it without the fancy ABS and TCS etc. I've always wanted a rF mod for the 99 Rally Series, so i'm looking forward to see this mod when it's at it's finished "Stage". Keep up the good work!

Fancy ABS and TCS? er there aint no ABS on a rally car mate There are active diffs, which were developed in the early 90s by nissan to start with and were readily availalbe on all of the 1999 WRC cars.
dmz on Mar-09-2009

removed double post
dmz on Mar-09-2009

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