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World Series by Nissan 1.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 30-Apr-09
Current release: 1.100, on 30-Apr-09

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Screenie by: lemon13
Screenie by: lemon13
Screenie by: Sennah
Screenie by: Sennah
Screenie by: Sennah
Screenie by: Sennah
Screenie by: Sennah
Screenie by: Sennah
Screenie by: kamil.pl5
Screenie by: kamil.pl5

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Light the World Series is a single excessive characteristics: It is a F3 Dallara lanes wide with a flat bottom having a floor and a 2 liter engine EAR of 250 hp.

The result is a car capable of taking over lateral 3.5G and 3G over braking. With this chassis combined with the AER engine, which takes 8500 rpm, the WSL is more effective than F3.

Some technical characteristics:
Weight..................550 Kg (driver included)
Wheelbase............ 2710 mm
Front.................... 1620 mm
Way back in .........1520 mm
AER 2.0L engine, 250CV, 8500 rpm max.
OZ racing rims, 11 "Front, 12.5" Arr.
Michelin tires, 280 mm Front, 320 mm Arr.

Version 1.1:

- Improved graphics performance (value for LOD).
- Increase in the train on the basis of aerodynamic support.
- Added 2 official teams.

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Don't bother downloading this mod. Its broken.
tried to instal this mode (clean) 12 times in a row, every single time it has MAS and GMOTO errors galore. I used to be able to use it without problem but now it refuses to instal. I don't know what the mod makers did but something made it un-installable. Its a shame it was a decent mod.
cmr1990 on Oct-16-2014

the link is off line. new link
Nodo on Feb-27-2011

Will get this on my FTP shortly hold tight.
J-Monsta on Jan-05-2011

Can't seem to download from Rapidshare. It keeps pausing too often. Any chance of another download link?
grizzlygill on Jun-26-2010

Any template for World Serie Nissan... plz!!
Knap on Feb-01-2010

Hi guys,

Is it possible for someone to upload this mod to Megaupload?
Really appreciate it, thanks in advance.

BoyWeedy on Jan-27-2010

Is this a real scratch? Well I mean, the base is clearly the rF3-Shape from ISI and you've just made new physics, a new engine and an airbox.
Lucifer Blackspeed on Aug-16-2009

I have changed the first line of WSL_engine.ini in "Nissan AER 2.0L engine, Torque Max=254nm@5500, HP Max=250@8400", i would like to have the engage of the clutch more difficult, but i don't know how it is in reality
oppolo on Aug-14-2009

This is by far the best single seater mod ive ever tried. The sounds and physics are great and the sense of immersion given by this is excelent. Overall then a great mod.
chezza2431 on Jul-21-2009

Any Chance of making TC and ABS possible for this mod?
ruien on Jul-13-2009

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