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World Series of Karting 2011 0.60

By: Eurokart-Sim Development Team
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Karts
Initial release: 03-Dec-10
Current release: 0.600, on 03-Dec-10

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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Back from a 3 year hiatus, the ORIGINAL Eurokart-Sim development team is proud to offer the first beta of our upcoming World Series of Karting 2011 mod for rFactor. Based upon the hard work done by Eurokart-Sim in 2007, we are building upon our successful ICA v.13 mod by updating the skins and teams to their current version and updating the physics to the SuperKF and KZ1 standards now employed by the CIK. The 0.5 beta version is the first step in our process to bring the mod to current standards and bring it to our revitalized league for which we plan on bringing the key members back together.

Although our last work was the Eurokart version 1.00 mod, which succeeded the ICA version 13 mod, we have felt that starting again at ICA version 13 will help to bring back a more realistic feel to the karts. Because of this, this 0.5 beta will look and feel very much like the version 13 intercontinental A mod, with the exception that it now employs only 2 karts per manufacturer and helmets can now be chosen from the rFactor game menu.

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drillz on Jun-25-2012

I have a problem. When I go to start the Race Season, it says I need a different engine type. I can only get the one engine type I have as their isnt an engine upgrade choice or a different section on the cars page. What do I do?
AwesomeSauce2014 on Feb-20-2012

Glauter on Dec-06-2011

news about the progress of this mod?
VELOCIPEDE on Jan-26-2011

hey guys noticed one of you mentioned skins, i just made my new forums an now doing requests, so if u need one go to and register for the site and put ina request an one of our painters will get it for ya or myself, we also have the lil 24 hour reply back gurrantee we will post back on your skin request 24 within postin it, or less. so yea guys come join over, there maybe get a league going for these put in some opinons on the forums bring karting BACK to rfactor!

donations are always welcome, but you do NOT have to. thanks guys an hope to see ya on the forums
AlecCain on Jan-19-2011

Where is v0.6, which is mentioned in the title? There is only v0.5 available for download...
SuperFreak on Jan-18-2011

make some new skins... its supposed to be 2011 WSK not 2007 ^^
Zanardimies on Dec-22-2010

how i can drive kf1 class, i have only kf2?
2032mw on Dec-13-2010

hey guys i dont know if you noticed but on the gear i seen when u look at the right side of the gear its solid, but when u look at the left side of it, its not solid and you can see right through it. just thought i would tell you guys bout it. but its fun
AlecCain on Dec-10-2010

Yes I can help with the sound problems.
Simply a small typo when naming folders can cause havoc, grief and a modder myself...sometimes a little

1) Open up your rFactor folder (or wherever you have installed the Karting 2011 mod)
Inside you will see a number of different folders.
One is called GameData.

2) Open the GameData Folder.
Inside the GameData folder you will need to find/work with 2 folders.
One is named Sound and one is named Sounds.

3) Move or copy the entire contents of the Sound Folder into the Sounds folder.

4) You will be asked if you wish to overwrite some of the existing files.
Click on "yes to all".

5) Delete the folder called Sound and save the folder called Sounds.

You are done...i hoped this helped.
JDEP on Dec-08-2010

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