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XXR Dirt1 0.70

By: XXR_Kino
Origin: Extension | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Oval
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Fastest Dirt Car in rFactor! This is an open wheel dirt car. I do not have a 3D modeler so I got permission from and used rFactor's rTrainer car.(just the body) the physics are quite different.
I am still working on ai, skins, and a few snags I ran into.

This is my first attempt at a mod and am having a few problems. If there are any modders who can help me fix the following problems I would greatly appreciate it.
1. I needed to delete the Open Wheel Challange .bik file for this mod to work.
2. I also cannot run the mod in the mod mode it has to be run in All Tracks and Vehicles mode.
3. I want to adjust ride hieght for an upgrade but it wont work( I tried to put the HDV command in for 'ridehieghtrange' and 'ridehieghtsetting', it works if I change it in the HDV file itself but not when I try to do it as an upgrade.)

If any of you painters out there want your skin in the final version of this mod please send it to me. I added a color coded Template car right in the vehicles file. Final version planned release date is May 1st please have them to me by then.
Modding help and skins can be sent to
Have fun, they are super fast!

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