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By: Art-Tech-uk (Si)
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 20-Feb-09
Current release: 1, on 20-Feb-09

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Screenie by: Bruce_Leeroy
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Screenie by: Bruce_Leeroy
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The first vehicles in Kragujevac were "Ford" trucks. They were made exclusively for the Yugoslavian Army in the late 30's

The first Zastava cars were varients of the Fiat 1400 and 1900. Next came versions of the Fiat 600. It remained in production well after production ceased in Italy. Throughout the 60's Zastava built more Fiat based cars that evolved from the 1100, 1300, 1500, 124, and 125 Fiat models.

In 1971 Zastava introduced it's own version of the Fiat 128. It had a restyled rear panel, and later became available as a hatch back, a style that had not been issued in Italy. Some Zastava were exported to Italy marked as Innocienti. In 1981, the Fiat 600 was still being made, but so was a three door hatchback.

Styled by Zastava, it was called the Yugo 45, and it was related to the Fiat 127, but different in appearance. Examples were made with the 903cc, 1100cc, and 1300cc engines. The 1100cc and the 1300cc versions were sold in the USA as the Yugo GV, GVL, GVS, GVX, GV Plus, and the Cabrio. In the 80's the factory started to make trucks, which were based on IVECO licence. The names of the passenger cars are changed from Zastava to Yugo.

Here is my attempt of a YUGO for rfactor. just hope i have my models and numbers right.

Big thanks to MJanosh for his work on physics and Skins, and the videos for this mod.

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You have a lot of information about cars and especially sports editions which is incredible. The best writing services help us in the main time to make sure we know the all events which are going to held soon.
Pablo466 on Aug-21-2020

Is there any templates for this mod??
TheLastKidSN23 on May-30-2016

kako se instaliraju automobili
ivance2001 on May-14-2015

jel neko zna kako da ubacim mod u igricu? nov sam u svetu igrica i kompjutera hvala u napred.
nikola95 on Jun-04-2012

odlicno ste ovo uradili svaka cast!!
SERBIAN on Feb-06-2012

E svaka cast mnogo je jak Jebe kevu ostalima hahahaha
Smiley094 on Aug-29-2011

Odli?an posao,samo napred daj nekog stojadina
VDominik on Jan-05-2011

Good job man.
I live in matic tiwn of YUGO and you done it good.
YU1SRT on Oct-12-2010

Very nice MOD I have a one skin for fanatic players Spyro.
SpyroPL on Jun-10-2010

Check out our new league with this mod at:
art-tech-uk on Dec-26-2009

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