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Yet Another Mod Launcher 2

By: Martin Vindis

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: m.vindis
Screenie by: m.vindis

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Yet Another Mod Launcher (or YAML for short) was created for educational purposes only.

They user can easily pick his or hers favourite mod and set a few options before launching the game.

This program was written in C# on Windows 7.

Please report any issues you may run in to to help me make this software better.

---Version notes---

Complete rewrite of the code
A new modern look

Added support for multiple rFactor installs
Actual mod names instead of file names in the mod list
Added a button for rF Config

First release

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The cars feature gravel tires, handbrake, adjustable gearbox, new physics, new sounds and a large amount of new skins.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

nada funciona aqui tudo que tento baixar vai pra um link que nao existe mais ou movido pq nao fecham essa droga de site que nao prestapra merda nehuma
antolb on Aug-31-2014

Hi Martin!

Thanks again for all the work you did with that important tool.

EDIT: Obsolete, problem is solved in version 2.0

The new version rocks!
rainmaker87 on Nov-19-2013

Thanks again rainmaker.
I'v made 3 installs of rfactor but I can't seem to replicate the issue your getting. I have a theory but before I make another release I just want to make sure.
Could you please answer the questions below to help me, would be greatly appreciated.

1) What mods are you trying to run when this occurs?
2) What mods did you run before?
3) What's your PC specs? Processor and hard drive speed (IDE/SATA/SSD)

My theory is that either that the previously ran mod have some unusual characters in the file name (I'm not too savy with regular expressions, just started learning it in this project but I'm getting there ), therefore the launcher can't find the correct string in the PLR file, or the launcher launches rfactor before it has saved and closed the PLR file with the new information.
A lot of mumbo-jumbo if you're not into programming I guess

About all mods in the list, the next version will have a tree view of all installs and it mods
m.vindis on Nov-17-2013

Thank you for the new version! I´ve tested it with three installs unfortunately it doesn´t work quite well. If I switch through the installs and try to start different mods v1.1 just starts the last used mod (like rF would do it). Sometimes it did work mostly it did not. Can you please have a look at that?

And if it´s possible can the list show every mod of every install?
rainmaker87 on Nov-16-2013

Thanks for the info rainmaker. The new version is up and ready for testing, it has support for multiple installs so feel free to try it out.

Also if you guys have any other suggestions on what you would like to see in a mod launcher let me know and I'll see what I can do
m.vindis on Nov-08-2013

Some mods need special settings so they can´t get mixed together. VHR NASCAR mod for example. Or some a to large to mix: HistoriX. Some work better with RealFeel, some not. You might want to sort them like one install for classic cars, one for new ones. And so one...
rainmaker87 on Nov-07-2013

Thanks for the input guys, greatly appreciated. I will look in to this but I have to ask, what's the benefit of having more then one installation?
m.vindis on Oct-30-2013

Originally posted by: rainmaker87

It would be interesting if the program could serve different installation paths. I doubt that there are so much rF users out there that only have one install.

To launch from all installs in one prog would be a killer!

anilhas on Oct-28-2013

It would be interesting if the program could serve different installation paths. I doubt that there are so much rF users out there that only have one install.

To launch from all installs in one prog would be a killer!
rainmaker87 on Oct-28-2013

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