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Yokohama V8 UTEs Series 2010 1

By: SAF Modding
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 26-Apr-11
Current release: 1, on 26-Apr-11

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Screenie by: vamochivo
Screenie by: vamochivo
Screenie by: vamochivo
Screenie by: vamochivo

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Aussie Series, V8 UTEs, season 2010, made by SAF Modding.
Hoping to release it sometime this month.
All work made by Argentinians for the whole world!
The models are not on track yet, but we're skinning anyway. Sounds are ready, physics are ready and they are waiting for the cars to be ready.

More feedback soon...

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no pw need it is a 7 zip file drag and drop install http://trippteamdownload.serve...eries%202010%20v1.0.7z
Slobbeman on Nov-25-2014

Does anyone Know the password for the installation program??
Rfactorfr33k on Nov-25-2014

password: v8utessaf
emptymind on Sep-16-2014


I'd like to get your permission to Convert this mod to GSC2013.
There is a mod out there already that's been converted but I wanna get your ok.

Thanks Darren
dirk808 on Mar-25-2014

Hi there is there anyone that can help me get the templates so i can try make some skins.
SLAMMER59c on Apr-19-2013

Question for SAF Would it be possible if we enhanced this mod with real sounds and other stuff also can we make a Firedaemon version of this for our league please.
KIDXRATED on Mar-14-2013

Any one have templates for these cars i need templates please.
KIDXRATED on Mar-14-2013

would there be any chance to get a working link for the templates for this please
mickeyfff on Jan-26-2013

"Now try this... take your mouse, right click, Delete... and get on with your life...

Cheers from Argentina mate!!"

For the life of me, I'm trying to delete your mod. I Can't work out how to change the series to something worth playing. How do I delete your mod from rFactor?
Gordz87 on Dec-19-2012

Would give this mod more of a go if it had std menu. The one with the mod is really poor.. Other than that it could be good...
marto on Sep-21-2012

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