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Zandvoort MMM 2

By: DutchDevil
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 23-Apr-06
Current release: 2, on 18-Mar-07

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Screenie by: Marius08
Screenie by: Marius08
Screenie by: z-hang
Screenie by: z-hang
Screenie by: Rockett_man
Screenie by: Rockett_man

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Zandvoort for rFactor Version 2.0

This track comes with 3 layouts. The GP, short and club.

Changed in v2.0:

I updated this track for GTR 2 and thoughd it would be nice to make it availible for rFactor as well. As it improooves the track in some areas.

- Track and objects been cut up into pieces. This increases the fps as well as that u wont have does FPS drops when someone crashes.
- Spec and bump mapping fixed. No more sparkling.
- Some small other stuff.

known isues:

- none


Just extract this rar to your GameDataLocations folder.


- Original track from race driver 3
- Made availible for rF by Mr_DutchDevil
- Texture update by Flobo
- Track cams by Luigi
- Loadingscreens by GTEvo

My thanks also goes out to all the people who beta tested and gave me good input on what to fix.

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buttfamily0005 on Jul-12-2018

Thank you very much,i have dowload end test it,i like it,and it's perfect work.
dvittael on Apr-21-2013

The real track is fantastic and the implementation seems absolutely flawless. Awesome indeed, my #1 favourite track on rFactor. Thank you so much for that great work !
palindnilap on May-12-2012

straight awesome. Thank you very much!!
Yarach on Dec-07-2011

If you downloaded this track and wonder where the hell is it in your tracks look under Trophy of the Dunes, pain when you have loads of tracks and your looking under Z grrrrrrr lol
Nooney on May-30-2011

Love this track. We use it for our League. Unfortunately we've run out of pit boxes. Is there any way to fix that? Also, our cars sometimes get hung up on the speed burms, Just a tad lower would be cooll
Danathar-GMWC on Oct-05-2008

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