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Zolder 2

By: benhur
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 27-Nov-05
Current release: 2, on 27-Jan-06

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Screenie by: Vinylshark
Screenie by: Vinylshark
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: THEDUMMY

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Snyper997 on May-25-2016

Good evening, I just download the circuit "zolder" and I see that the path is not right and allentours do not correspond to the circuit. thank you a Belgian
albert88 on Sep-30-2013

All folders and files are there, Scn reads correct,




But it doesn't show up in my tracks?
he162a on Nov-30-2010

Could someone post/make an up to date zolder track? because the 1st chicane is so much different then in this version.
ScHiRoCk on Oct-17-2010

what's in your locations folder?

there are two versions - ZolderGTL and Zolder. 1.1 is the latest?

Zolder GTL is much larger - 25Mb compared to 10Mb for plain Zolder.

It should come up in tracklist as zolderGTL or zolder.

zolder or zolderGTL folder should contain

zolderGP folder

check the zoldergp folder for the .scn file......and see what it points to (should be zolderGTL or zolder)

Verify you have the scn, and that it reads right

folder/zolder --- looks weird now.
the_last_name_left on Jul-15-2010

I have it in my location but doesn't show up in menu to choose tracks?
I tried three different DL's???
he162a on Jul-15-2010

Great track, however in DX8 on my gf 8800 gtx, the safety fencing is flickering on / off in certain places (on the right side of the track before the 3rd gear chicane and on the back straight Everything is fine in dx9.
hoover on Jun-20-2010

can someone give a link to the 3.0 version of the track? would like to see what upgrades were made...
terato on Mar-07-2010

This is a wonderful fun track, great layout and graphics, track surface is really well done, everything works, and extracted and installed it's only 11.8 MBs of HDD space. It's amazing to me how some tracks are 50, 60, 70 MBs or more and they have all kinds of issues, then a compacted package like this Zolder track and it seems perfect, we need more tracks like this imho. Thank You so much benhur, even though you probably won't read this, I know your authorship of this track is quite old and your probably not around any longer. Sure would like to see some more of your work, if there is any?
werst59 on Jan-21-2010

yeh now i'm happy ! by the first download i can't load zolder, but now i can racing on the circuit of my hometown (i just live 600meters from the zolder circuit)
ceype on Jun-17-2009

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