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iHUD for rFactor for iOS devices 1.50

By: MightyGate

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: MightyGate
Screenie by: MightyGate
Screenie by: MightyGate
Screenie by: MightyGate
Screenie by: MightyGate
Screenie by: MightyGate

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It now supports rFactor 2!!!

iHUD for rFactor is the definitive Plugin for rFactor.
It allows you to customize High Definition Displays in your iOS device and enjoy it while you are playing rFactor.
You can play rFactor in FULL SCREEN without having to play in windowed mode and without losing any FPS!!.
In iHUD for rFactor V1.5, the player can make a CUSTOMIZE the dashboards in FIVE different spaces! and select any space, in real time while playing.
You can customize:
?? ? Best lap
?? ? Best sector
?? ? Current Lap
?? ? Relative time with the car behind you and the car ahead you
•Oil temp
•Water temp
•Actual position
•A large etc!

iHUD for rFactor can ONLY work with the correct Plugin installed in your rFactor. Download it from:


You can visit our webpage:


Please use your "LAN IP" to avoid LAGs.

Please remember to include an exception for rFactor in Windows firewall. If windows firewall is enabled and there isn't an exception in your firewall for rFactor, iHUD for rFactor will be unable to connect with the Plugin.

The large screen of the iPad and the quality of the retina screen are exploited to make the most of each screen and the player will enjoy each version of iHUD for rFactor, with cuasi-real Displays with very detailed HD graphics.

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susibeo33 on Jul-31-2018

i have downloaded app to IPAD its works but wont conect
iv intsalled the client on Pc everytime it asks me where is rfactor 2 installed so i point to he folder then says cant find rfactor2.exe
getting frustrated been on this for 4 fuking hours and it dont work piece of shit if u ask me
overproof67 on May-01-2018

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Hi, this update should have been released sooner and we apologize for the delay. There was a glitch with the database.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Feb-15-2012

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