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mUtil 1

By: Donny Tytgat

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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mUtil allows you to browse rFactor servers without being ingame. There are multiple filters available so only the servers are shown which match your preference. Furthermore buddies can be added so you can track their online status. MSN-like popups are shown when buddies go on- or offline.

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Kwik on Sep-05-2010

Where abouts is the link to download this?
Daniel Huia on Sep-05-2010

If you are having problems with Windows 7 /Vista Ultiamte (Both 64 bit) then download the Zip file instead and install from that. I had problems with the auto installer but the zip (extracted to a new folder) worked fine.

Take care all.
ToothFaerie on Dec-20-2009

I got XP with .Net 3.x so it won't install.
Taxiride on Jul-20-2009

Vista64 dont let me install MS Framew. 1.1, wont work here
DaViSFiT on Sep-17-2008

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