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project rF2 a live telemetry plugin 0.50

By: Nikos Evangelidakis and nickcrete

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Screenie by: Nikos Evangelidakis
Screenie by: Nikos Evangelidakis

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Project rF2 is a plugin that allows realtime transmition of a car's telemetry data to an other PC or locally and the receiver can view those data and know exactly all the given info for the vehicle.

Some of them are:
* Track position on map * Complete live timing with extra data like sectors' top speed and best times * Weather * Tires wear,pressures,temps and more * Dashboard showing revs,speed,fuel etc

The installation is pretty simple.

Download the full package zip file and unzip into rfactor 2 root folder and everything will take place automatically.

Before using it make sure you have opened the 8000 or any other you will select to use.

To test the plugin (locally) start the driver's module (project rF2 (driver).exe) and start data broadcast.

Go into the game (preferably smaller windowed mod to leave room for the telemetry modules) and join any session, online or offline.

As soon as you press RACE go run the manager's software (project rf2 (manager) beta v1.1.0.exe) to receive the data.

When the data re received correctly the menu will be enabled and you can browse through belts (bunch of programs) to select the data you need to view.

At official site there are links for software online guide and more.

Known issues:


* If the plugin crashes try to install the VC runtimes as exist in rfactor2\support\runtimes folder and give write access for rfactor2 root folder

* Some times and under undefined conditions rF2 is not giving all the positions data for the cars, usually when there are too many on track, so expect occasionally some of them will be shown as stopped and move again in few seconds.

* Depending on the link status expect some pauses in data transmision

* When a session change some of the data may remain on some of the modules, just restart teh application to get fresh screens.

To do list:

* Add a belt to deal with race strategy and telemetry charts

* Add engine and brakes life calculation

* Add option to manually change tires and brakes temps limits

* Add name boxes to GPS cars

* Add graphical indications to Full Timing module like when there is positions change

* Anything that comes and helps the racing flow

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