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rF HighVoltage Kers and Drs 1.43

By: IPM and SimSync

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: IPM
Screenie by: IPM
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ

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I. Introduction

This tool has been created in a cooperation between Simsync and International PRO Modding.
rF_HighVoltage is an add-on software for rFactor, which enables rFactor to simulate KERS and DRS.
It is configurable through a section which has to be added to the RFM. Through the RFM you can control if and where DRS can be enabled and how often and long KERS is available. Using the RFM file to define these settings will lead to a mismatch is somebody "accidently" modifies one of the settings.

II. Requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
at least 10MB of diskspace for the logfiles (the program itself is < 1 MB)
An original rFactor (Trymedia or DVD version)

III. Installation
Extract the contents (incl. the subfolders) of the archive to the rFactor installation of your choice.
Run rF_HighVoltage.exe (should be located in the rF_HighVoltage subfolder)
If rF_HighVoltage tells you that your rfactor.exe is not valid, replace your rfactor.exe with the appopriate one from our download database (Trymedia or DVD version)

IV. Uninstallation
Delete the rF_HighVoltage subfolder
Delete the rF_InternalsPlugin.dll from the plugins folder (if you don't use rF_Scan)

Fixed issue with rearwing not visually working in online session properly.

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Latest rF HighVoltage Kers and Drs Comments

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fence company really happy i found this. more uodates please!
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

This is the best way anyone can have to get the fifa coins generator at here.
arorapriyaa333 on Sep-22-2018

What the hell are KERS and DRS? What the hell is the purpose of this mod?
yihdzelonh on Jan-20-2018

The second half will have the skins from 1987 backwards, adding another 80 skins.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

Too bad Codemasters F1 sucks so much.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

On which mods does this work ?
VaskoNitroto on Feb-15-2015

Hello guys,
I installed rf_highvoltage a few days ago, everything working perfectly, very cool.
But: I drive with a self-built F1 steering wheel on a Momo, and since I installed rf_highvoltage, I am 5 seconds slower
than before, and my highspeed sank 20 kph with same car, setup and track. It seems like I'm the only one with that problem. Anyone have an idea to solve this???
Btw., I'm using it with F12014ER Mod, with DRS and Kers as push-to- pass for 30 seconds a race.
I hope someone can help me, because I wanted to start driving online, but with over 1:33 at Monza in Mercedes W05
is not as good as pros :/
Best regards, Mirco
mirco2830 on Oct-28-2014

hello, does it work with a keyboard? I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 and it doesn't recognise it as a device. Thanks in advance.
nasospakos on Dec-22-2013

Hello Guys, sup?

So, i'm competing in a league in Brazil, witch uses 3 cars for forumula: F-Bmw, F-3 and F-1.

For the F1's they use high voltage,but, last race, we had a suspicious behavior of some F-3 during the Sepang's GP. After the turn 2, they had an incredible acceleration, and before the 3rd corner, they opened almost 1s to the guys whom were after them..

The league uses Total Control Anticheater.

So lets go to the question: Is it possible to use any drs or kers in the F3 car without been caught on the anti-cheater log?
paulosonegojr on Apr-06-2013

EDIT: is there a virus in the no-dvd version?

p.s.: I do have the LEGAL, ORIGINAL DVD-version and it works but I know it will stop recognizing the disc sooner or later, as it always did. (Apart from that I want the drive's lifetime to be as long as possible)
rfactornewbie on Nov-18-2012

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