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rFLeaguePoints 1

By: Joel Brown

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: VersusF1
Screenie by: VersusF1

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League Points Calulator specifically built for oval racing in rFactor. Caclulates multiple seasons, leagues, mods, in a very easy to use program. Automatically builds .HTM files and creates a website for you.

Just unzip the zip file into it's own folder and it's ready to use. Requires .NET 3.5.

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Joel, I can help you with that. What exactly are you trying to remove? Send me an email at with specifics and I'll take care of it.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Nov-08-2010

rfLeaguePoints is only available through to registered leagues running the Stock Car Evolution mod.

If I knew how to remove this link on rFactorCentral I would. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.
joel_brown on Nov-08-2010

Hope we can get it soon forming a new league will be up and running soon MPG Racing
[CL2]Sparky on May-19-2010

It is a Work In Progress. Still not released.
SVO on Apr-01-2010

anyone know where to find this at?
bmbliss219 on Feb-25-2010

When and How do we get this?
DannyT on Oct-26-2009

It would appear no one is going to tell us??
Josparky on Oct-17-2009

That is a very good question!!!
RRob13 on Jun-07-2009

How do I get this program?
pallen on Jun-05-2009

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