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rFServerSync 0.90

By: Hepatic

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: hepatic
Screenie by: hepatic

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This code will syncronise an rfactor game directory between your player installation and a locally stored
server install. If you run a dedicated server on a different machine to which you play, this will clean
your HAT directory (most common reason for online mismatches after a mod update), copy all new files,
remove all no longer existant files (ie. crap mods you have ditched) and clean up your player's car setup
directories by removing any that are empty.

I run my dedi server on a seperate machine so my own performance isn't affected, while allowing friends to
control it while i'm not about (which you can't do when hosting ingame). As my directory is 15+GB, manually
copying all files everytime when only a small fraction have changed was pointless and took far too long. It
also didn't remove any mods that i'd ditched, so i made this simple script to do all that and tidy up a bit
for a fraction of the time.

If you have 2 installations of rFactor (say your PC and your son's) this will also copy the essential files between the 2 machines. It means you only have to install mods once, thus keeping your PCs the same without having to remember what you have and haven't installed.

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Can you give us any clue to a release date? This sounds excellent, I've been using general file sync software for my server, but a tool made especially for the job sounds great.. Plz keep us in the know
wittsend on Jan-21-2010

plz, plz, sounds like too good to be true
gusse12 on Jul-08-2009

soz, not been checking the comments. i've not released it yet, its still being tested by some people with different systems but shouldn't be long
hepatic on Apr-26-2009

Sphara on Mar-21-2009

where i can download it?
masteraf on Dec-08-2008

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