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rFactor 1255 Patch 1.25


Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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The rFactor 1255 F Patch includes:

- Security fixes for online racing
- Vastly improved game performance vs 1250

The 1255 patch also synchronizes all rFactor players - DVD & electronic.

rFactorCentral strongly recommends all players and all leagues update to 1255 F.

NOTE: The 1255 patch requires rFactor 1250 to be installed.


There are three scenarios re applying the 1255 F Patch:

- Currently running rFactor 1250, or
- Currently running an earlier 1255 patch, or
- Currently running DVD rFactor

Currently running rFactor 1250

Going from 1250 to 1255 requires one Trymedia activation. (Contact ISI or Trymedia if you require an additional activation)

1. Locate your rFactor purchase receipt including your activation code

2. Download the "rFactor 1255 F (Full Update)"

3. Back up your rFactor Trymedia license folder*

4. Unpack the 1255 F patch

5. Look at the contents of the 1255 F patch

- rFactor.exe

- rFactor Dedicated.exe

- NetCommUtilPlugin.dll

- Sounds

6. Back up those same files in your rFactor 1250 Install

7. Install 1255 F by overwriting files in your 1250 Install

8. Run rFactor. You will be asked to activate

9. Follow the Already Paid link and enter your activation code

10. Following activation, back up your new Trymedia license folder

Currently running an earlier 1255 patch

Even though the Exe Only update would do the job re updating an earlier 1255 patch, RFC recommends downloading and installing the official Full 1255 F Update, just to be sure you are completely in-sync. No reactivation is required when updating from an earlier version of 1255.

1. Download the "rFactor 1255 F (Full Update)"

2. Unpack the 1255 F patch

3. Look at the contents of the 1255 F patch

- rFactor.exe

- rFactor Dedicated.exe

- NetCommUtilPlugin.dll

- Sounds

4. Install ALL 1255 F files

Currently running DVD rFactor

If you have purchased the DVD version of rFactor download the DVD 1255 F Patch and install ALL files. Do this regardless of whether or not you applied the DVD 1255 D patch.


NOTE: Be sure to install ALL files when installing the 1255 F patch, including the NetCommUtilPlugin.dll

You can easily swap back and forth between 1255 and 1250 provided you have backed up your Trymedia folder as instructed.

* rFactor Trymedia License folder is located at (Windows XP):

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data


Problems launching rFactor? Instead of using a shortcut, start rFactor by running rFactor.exe directly


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