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rFactor AI improvement 1.21

By: JR

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: JR
Screenie by: JR
Screenie by: mjdrs
Screenie by: mjdrs
Screenie by: mjdrs
Screenie by: mjdrs

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- adds a cool performance HUD-widget (click View->Performance)

- adds other HUD-widgets (click View->...)

- adds blue flag behaviour to AI

- adds a fuel strategy to each AI

- should drastically improve the AIs collision detection (car vs car) and overtaking. AI performance still depends on the AI-paths of the track and the collision meshes (the simpler the better) of the vehicles.

- if you move the log files of races done (e.g. 2013_06_11_22_07_50-69SR.xml) into the same folder where Race.ini is located, (C:\Users\All Users\rFactor_JR\Player_Name\RaceSeasons\Mod_Name) the race season HUD-widget works and shows current champion ship ranking during races

- Race.ini-files below folder C:\Users\All Users\rFactor_JR:

AIFuelStrategyOnOff: On/Off; switches fuel strategy of the plugin for the AIs on/off

PenaltyMassBaseRaceKg: the AI is too quick during races compared to qualifying, so add some basical penalty mass

PenaltyMassBlueflagKg: penalty mass for AI with blue flag

PenaltyMassQualiRandomMaxKg: +/- max random penalty mass for AI during qualifying
PenaltyMassRaceRandomMaxKg: +/- max random penalty mass for AI during race

PenaltyMassTyreWearStartS: start (seconds) of tyre wear penalty mass for AI after AI gets fresh tires; e.g. 700
PenaltyMassTyreWearMaxS: time (seconds) where AI reaches max penalty mass due to tire wear; e.g. 1500
PenaltyMassTyreWearStartKg: start penalty mass; e.g. 20
PenaltyMassTyreWearMaxKg: max penalty mass e.g. 60

e.g.: after 700s with new tires the AI gets 20kg penalty mass which increases up to 60kg at 1500s, and stays at 60kg afterwards

- The plugin does not work online or with the dedicated server

- Install: extract the content of (folder Plugins) into your rfactor root directory

- Uninstall: delete rFJRPlugin.dll and the rfJRPlugin folder from your rfactor Plugins directory. This plugin should not effect any other content of your rfactor installation.

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dummybakeapie on Jan-10-2019

This plugin CTD after it loads the intro of ISI, i have windows 10 and installed java runtime enviroment 32 bits.
Appreciate your help thanks
alanamp on Jun-22-2018
WWWEWW on Jun-01-2018

Thanks to barcika and his snowfx idea I dug out my BTB project and finished it off adding snowfall all round the track. Surprisingly the fps running 12 cars and all that snow was still acceptable on my average PC.
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016


Pls not dissappear, you always go for 2-3 months before you surface )) maybe give us your e-mail to communicate with you, your plugin is incredible just i need some help for tweak littlebit
Philip00 on Jan-04-2016

Hi my man!

Can you add me one thing to this plugin? i saw there is function that i can add +kg and add time beetween to increase mass to AI (because of tire consumtion)

Is it not pssible reverse? I mean i want mass 100 kg in the begining and it decrease to 10. Is it possible?
Philip00 on Nov-07-2015

It works great in terms of improvements to the AI but I cannot get any of the overlays working?

When I select one of them (ie performance monitor) it just opens a blank grey window over my rFactor window
kendo1978 on Jul-05-2015

even with your last verion installed I still don't have any race.ini in C:\Users\All Users etc..
Giacomo on Jun-06-2015

Corrected some Race.ini (default creation and loading) issues
mjdrs on May-24-2015

A reply !!! Thanks man it's appreciated.

So what do I do If I have no race.ini in C:\ProgramData\rFactor_JR\Player_Name\RaceSeasons\Mod_Name ?
I suspect the prog that writes race.ini in there is blocked by lack of permissions...

Second, I click to go on track, I set the widgets like I want, click Save the View, do my run. The Perf and Tire widget are working, the others; Track and Car Radar, Start Lights, the Penalty/Fuel are all blank.

Third, what stops me from trying to make thing work is that when I go back in to adjust the car and then go back out, all the widgets are gone. I have to put them all back again where I want them. This is really annoying. What gives?

I think you should make a plugin that is only an "AI improvement", no widgets. Anyone using rfDynHUD, GID or XD will keep those and since CPU clock cycles are all counted, I don't think those guys are going to use an additional plugin that also has widgets.


P. -S. the link to the file has a nice name now... sweet! ;-)
MotherDawg on May-19-2015

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