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rFactor Career 1.10

By: Gess

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With this tool you can import your XML logs from rFactor. You need to import the qualify (SQ) and race (SR) file to create user friendly career statistics. You can easily track your race-, season- and career-stats. The program has been tested with Indycar mods on both rFactor 1 and rFactor 2. Compatibility for every rFactor/mod combination can not be warranted. As such this tool is provided as is. However, I'm happy to fix bugs and incompatibilities which you may encounter using this program. Just drop me a line along with the quality and race xml-logs causing the issue.

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great site thanks media blaster
looneyhans on Feb-08-2021

would love to buy one. how this cost fence company
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

reynamiller on Jul-20-2020

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pnabuykhh on Oct-02-2018

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michaellhog on Sep-07-2018

The download works for me. You have to click on it and go into your browser downloads, that's where it will be. It won't download to your hardrive no matter how much you try. Trust me, I was supposed to be working on this - while I was trying to find it in my harddrive but lo and behold it was in the browser downloads
AlecLukas on Mar-14-2017

No DL link??
rodrrico on Jan-22-2012

Works fine for me.

Only problems - it flickers annoyingly every time you change page

And you can't delete races


Also, it should search for *.xml - not *SQ.xml

People rename their XML files.

I have to type *.* in the filename box every time to make my XML files visible.
doser on May-02-2011

The main reason for XML stats not working are invalid characters.

Open the XML files in Wordpad, and search through for illegal characers.

Such as squares (smiley faces) and other symbols that XML will hate.

Then save it in Wordpad, and press yes to save it as plain text.

It will now open in Notepad properly, without looking like a huge jumble of mess.
doser on May-02-2011


Make sure you're using the latest rFactor version and have the same drivers in the qualifying as in the race. If it still won't work, please send me the qualify- and racefile to gesssoft{at}gmx{dot}ch. I'll then check it and try to fix the bug. Thanks.
gess on Apr-25-2011

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