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rFactor Config PRO 2012

By: E-Desk09 Software

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: edesk09
Screenie by: edesk09
Screenie by: edesk09
Screenie by: edesk09

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rFactor Config PRO 2012 1.0

This Version are an Update of rFactor Config PRO 3.
New Features:
1 - New UI
2- You Can Edit Multiple User
3- Export/Import Graphics Configuration
4- Added 'Speed Of Sound', this an experimental features, you can modify the speed of sound of rFactor (Ex: 300.0000)
5- New Update System
6- Engine Motors 2 Beta, is a simple editor text configured for rfactor engine.
E-Desk09 will update Engine Motors 2 in the future update.

Developers Features:
1- Mod Center, you can add, delete, enabled or disabled all mods installed on rfactor
2- rFactor Config PRO Addons. In the future you can add more featues to rFactor Config PRO, with a simple installer manager
3- Multiplayer Center, you can save your favorite server name, your friends username.
4- Single Player Center, you can record your time in the race, and sharing this in E-Desk09 Portal

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First thing I look in a site is the quality. Here at this site best pos system for dispensary I no longer have to worry about it. That's why I often visit this place for my work life, not even once they have dissapointed me.
MakaiLance on Sep-27-2020

can you post a new download link please?
kublakhan on Apr-10-2013

There is a problem with Update System, last version are, the software, download the file from internet,but doesn't update the core.

For update all, you must go in the installation folder (Ex: C:\Program Files(x86\E-Desk09\rFactor Config PRO 2012\)
and run update.exe in the x64 e x86 folder
edesk09 on Aug-12-2011

With Engine Motor 2.0, the user can modify:

- Max RPM
- Boost
- Oil Temperature

It was developed only for those who want to enjoy running more with their cars.

in the new version, the modified mods will be saved in the program folder, and can be restored whenever you want to play online, which means that the original files are always present!

for all users who want to register the beta version, use this serial:


In final version, this serials is not valid!!
edesk09 on Apr-24-2011

does this software change engine settings for mods and if so would this give mismatches online in servers and leagues!

The other thing is that if you can change engine power and other things in the files then wouldnt this be a cheat!

I dont wont software like this if you change files or manipulate the mods engines and physics!
mike27466 on Apr-23-2011

A news Version

rFactor Config pro 3 is under costruction!
Future version:
-Engine Motors 2.0
-News Feature for rFactor configuration
edesk09 on Apr-14-2011

can leave comments on things that are dysfunctional and should be changed?
edesk09 on Jan-25-2011

rFactor Config PRO 2, is under costruction

My idea is to integrate an editor with which can create a Personal Engine inserting:
- Max RPM
- Oil Temperature
- Boost Increse
- Inertia
- Head Phycs

this engine, will be based on a single table, (bmw 2007 for the Formula 1 Engine, Rhez2006 for the Rally Engine) and other

work alone in the program so I think it will take me a while
edesk09 on Jan-24-2011

wow thanks for the quick answer. now it works. for which mods do the engine upgrades work? or are they coming in a later release? thanks again
DarkoKnight on Jan-24-2011

perhaps, the S.O is doesn't supported,but it seems very strange.

I recompile the programm, and i post the link of path download 1.0.1.

Tomorrow or Wensday the link is online
edesk09 on Jan-24-2011

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