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rFactor Hotlaps 2.95

By: PTRKennyVette

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: PROKennyVette

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rFactor HotLaps is a program that runs as a Windows Service on any PC running rFactor Game Servers or in fact on any PC running rFactor. It will record best lap times by vehicle and session, race results, league standings, and includes pages for live server standings and a marquee ticker. It is the replacement and next generation of rTop100Factor.

New release v2.8.5 - Includes many of the features of the popular ARCA Hotlaps plugin. Multiple dedicated servers on the same physical server is supported.

Update v2.8.6 - Fixed "Unknown" vehicle being caused by commas in the RFM vehicle filter. Also added Hotlap highlighting for new records set in the past 24 hours (like rTop100Factor).

Update v2.8.7 - Fixed timed race reporting. Fixed rFactorLive page for Google Chrome and also added Flag to this page. Fixed bug causing new drivers not to show up on Hotlaps page.

Update v2.8.8 - Fixed two Mods, WTCC 2006 and DirtFactor.

Update v2.8.9 - Fixed race incident reporting which also fixed the LPI calculation on the Leagues page. Updated JAR file can be download from Forums at

Update v2.9.0 - Fixed race league not being assigned in the results files. Corrections to the user guide.

Update v2.9.5 - Fixed contingency points and other minor bug fixes. Added use_full_team_name properties file setting. Updated JAR file can be download from Forums at

Please report any bugs or incompatibilities with different Mods.

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interior painting great work! keep it up
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

I don't even know how I ended up right here... girl games babies
patsm00re18 on Jan-13-2019

Thank you for sharing this exciting resource with me and the world. Wish you always luck.
natalama on Jan-03-2019

Kenny I'm getting this error
STATUS | wrapper | 2015/01/13 18:45:02 | rTop100Factor Service installed.
STATUS | wrapper | 2015/01/13 18:45:02 | Starting the rTop100Factor Service service...
STATUS | wrapper | 2015/01/13 18:45:02 | --> Wrapper Started as Service
STATUS | wrapper | 2015/01/13 18:45:03 | Launching a JVM...
STATUS | wrapper | 2015/01/13 18:45:07 | rTop100Factor Service started.
FATAL | wrapper | 2015/01/13 18:48:15 | OpenSCManager failed - Access is denied. (0x5)
FATAL | wrapper | 2015/01/13 18:48:49 | OpenSCManager failed - Access is denied. (0x5)
[1/13/15 23:45:03 GMT] INFO Starting Server
[1/13/15 23:45:03 GMT] INFO IPC Server is starting
[1/13/15 23:45:04 GMT] INFO IPC listening on port 27011
[1/13/15 23:45:04 GMT] INFO IPC Server has started.
[1/13/15 23:45:04 GMT] INFO Including: *
[1/13/15 23:45:04 GMT] INFO Excluding:
[1/13/15 23:45:04 GMT] INFO Webserver is starting
[1/13/15 23:45:04 GMT] INFO Webserver has started. Listening on port 27012

and nothing is working it wont eaven show up at all with ip or with lan ip
(BCR)Speed on Jan-13-2015

Last version v2.96

JAR file version 2.96.
- Minor bug fixes.
To install, stop the rFactorHotlaps service and copy the attached JAR file to the rFactorHotlaps/classes directory. Restart the rFactorHotlaps service.
Fastorro on Jul-16-2013

Hi, I am having problem doing rfactorhotlaps works in windows 7. For some reason results are not recorder. But the wep page and rfactorhotlpas service are working OK.
silvermig on Mar-20-2013

Does anyone know if it is possible to view the hotlaps webpage from the same IP address the hotlaps service is running on? I race and serve from my home pc but the hotlaps do not show on my website so I need to view from my phone (3G) the hotlaps/results/live view.
xerocoul on Aug-25-2012

Originally posted by: softwill


I found the topic timezone to the problem using Windows 7.

I'll try to add the line in the wrapper. =- Duser.timezone = "GMT +10"

Hello softwill, i'm very interesting for your solution. I'm running rFactor Hotlaps in a 2008 server, and i have the problem whith the two hours in the results (when i do the time at 10:00, the hotlaps show me the 8:00)
If you find the solution, please tell me whith details because adding the text " =- Duser.timezone = "GMT +10" to the end of wraper don't works.
What am i doing wrong?

Excuse me my poor english.
menjaperes on May-22-2012

Hello all,
I want to know how to operate the hotlaps in the server because I can not do it ...
Thank you for answering me very soon!
ferrarimassa on Mar-31-2012

Is it possible to show the Partial times of the hotlap?
golcito21 on Feb-03-2012

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