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rFactor League Manager 1.10

By: Wheelspin

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rFactor League Manager is a league management program that reads your race results history into a grid view that can be saved as a .bmp .jpg or .gif file picture formats, or can export complete HTML web-pages with navigation menus and many different table styles to choose from for use in websites, or it can export xml files for use in other applications. You have the ability to create any number of leagues and the points and season standing are calculated

rFactor League Manager calculates the standard Nascar and Indy style points or you can implement your own custom points. It also calculates the Nascar style driver "ratings" that Nascar uses to rank their drivers. The rating points are fully customizable and a complete explanation of how they work is in the help file.

The grid can be colored any way you like and you can add/delete columns or rows. There are 3 different scoring options with a custom option where you can implement your own points system. It also has the ability to create or save custom grid data and color layouts.

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any way of making dnf's get 0 points?
need2bfound on Sep-22-2013

I'm trying to add a bonus point under custom points for the fastest lap of the race.

However, editing the xml results in no difference, I've tried fastest_lap, best_lap_time, fast_lap, fastlaps and finally, bestlaptime.

Any suggestions to award 1 point for the race fast lap holder?

Thanks in advance.
Grindal on Oct-23-2011

Only thing I wish this would have is the ability to display the upgrade code in the XML's. That way a quick look and a cheat sheet will be able to tell you if people are running the upgrades (i.e. REWARDS weight) they are suppose to.
house382 on Jul-16-2011

Great little program but my limited skills limit its capabilities, any chance of some instructions for the basic user?
MadMaxRPM on Feb-05-2011

Version is now compatable with ARCA Sim Racing.
Wheelspin on Apr-09-2010

Any way to get this 2 work with arca. Other league stuff like this dose. would be nice with the ratings system.
cumms on Apr-02-2010

Thanks for finding the typo in the menu I have posted a fixed version. I know the pages are very generic that was by design, adding a bunch of html editing features is beyond the scope of the program, there are many html editors that can be used to change the page layout and Visual Web Developer Express is even free to use. The base.htm, driver_details.htm, and other.htm are the pages used for the layout just position the "keywords" e.g. @RFLM_MENU @RFLM_TABLE etc. where you want them to show up in the page, and it should reproduce whatever layout you put in the page. If you have your own custon css file just drop it into the css folder and it will show up in the selection menu. I will have to get with you about the translation also. BTW your site looks great that is exactly what I had in mind, get the table into the webpage and let users tweak it the way they like.
Wheelspin on Mar-31-2010

Thank you very much wheelspin.

I managed to get the image by modifying the file header base.htm. I've done the same with the bottom of the page by modifying the body and introducing the gradient. I do the same with "drivers detail.htm" and "others.htm". I tried editing the css but you do not have defined the style for the header.

This is the results SIMDRIVERS rFactor League Manager

If you do not mind I found a problem I can not solve. The menu link to the raceĀ“s results is broken. Reviewing the code the problem is in this line.

<td> <a href="..\index.htm"> Race Results </ a> </ td>

And should be...

<td> <a href="../index.htm"> Race Results </ a> </ td>

Just the sign "\" with the "/"

As Rainking said if you notify us which is the file to be changed we can help you to translate the program into Spanish

Thanks for the program. It will be very useful
MontyGC on Mar-31-2010

I'm currently working on adding a few more webpage options that includes adding images and colors and a couple of interactive charts.

Try adding to the css with the color or your choosing of course.

background-color: Silver;
background-color: Silver;
Wheelspin on Mar-30-2010

Hi Whellspin. Another question. Can I add an image within the header or change the background of the page?

Try changing the css but I could not do
MontyGC on Mar-30-2010

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