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rFactor Mod Launcher 2

By: Roger D Lee

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Fufu

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rFactor Mod Launcher version v2.0

This program is a small utility that is now an on going project. It's purpose is to give people an easy and quick way to load a chosen mod at game start up while providing custom game parameters to be executed at game launch.

This utility was written in Visual Basic 6 on a Windows XP machine. I'm not sure of its compatibility with other operating systems.


Thanks to Zim323 for bug finds and feature ideas for this version...

1) Complete new GUI.

2) The execution of the game is now done with the "+fullproc" parameter for those with duel core systems

3) Added a mod specific setting for cockpit virtual mirrors.

4) Mod list window has been resized to incorporate mods with longer names.

5) Fixed the BMW 320 E21 mod not being recognized by the mod list.

6) New feature for custom track folders. (Read Instructions Below)


NOTE: If your having problems while using Vista, make sure you are logged in as the administrator. Thx to AxeSlayer for pointing this issue out.

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