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rFactor Report 1

By: Knarf

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: barcika
Screenie by: barcika

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rFactor-report is a web based php4 tool to generate reports from the XML result files.

You can use the main version or host the tool on your own webserver.

rFactor-report requiers php4, and is not compatible with php5. A php5 version is available for a small fee (and must be hosted by the user himself)

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Why do I have to upload my xml files ? Why can't I watch them off-line. Beside this, really great tool.
bartix on Jul-25-2010

kool knarf, your the server down for the race reports now. i cant open any from previous races or make any for races just completed...does it cost money to host it? can i send funds or can you teach me how to host it, ill provide my email address thru rmail if so...i love this program, really adds the realistic feel to races when can go back and look at every possible stat. plz get back to me. the link doesnt open anymore to generate reports.
bg-ai3 on Jun-06-2009

- About the panels closing/openening very fast : This seems to be some Java-script issue that happens on some servers. I have no idea why (I did not do the javascript version)
- About the PHP5 version. In the past I had a seperate PHP4/5 version using different XML libraries. But after some time the PHP4 version just worked under PHP5 so I don't have the PHP5 version anymore. I think if you have a recent version of PHP5 it just works...

Lastly I am planning to rework the website from scratch using GWT. I did a report and statistics website for MXS ( The MXS game auto-uploads it result files to my website. I mailed ISI about this and that I wanted to make something similar for rF2. But they gave some vague answers. Another problem is finding time
knarf on Jun-06-2009

Frank you out there?

I would like to purchase a PHP5 version from you.
sTimulated on May-11-2009

Hello Gent's
Sorry Bg-ai3 I don't check here very often.
Well what I did was
Downloaded PHP4 then loaded on my server then loaded the Rfactor report files in to the PHP4 folder the only thin it do's is over write the index file.
Then you get the link to rfactor report (Where ever your server files and structure is and you will see the rfactor report front page where you put in your results and click submit. Oh yea you also need to upload the RF result files to the server also I just made a folder cal result logs and b put the files in there
and put the link to the files in the submit catorgory on rfactor report then post the final link where ever you want so others can log in and see it.
It is working pretty good all except I can not figure out the problem when I click on over view bar it opens and close so fast that you can not read it.

Hope this helps
RHitman on Apr-17-2009

It's a little bit of work to get it to work with PHPBB3 & PHP4 but it is doable.

You really need the PHP5 version,I also asked Frank for the PHP5 version but not heard anything yet.

Do you host your own PHPBB3 forum?
Running it in PHP4 instead of PHP5 is not good,things stop working on the forum etc

Just waiting to hear from Frank about buying the PHP5 version.
sTimulated on Apr-12-2009

HEY rhitman how did you set it up on your forum? my forum uses phbb3 also....could you send "rmail" with instructions on how to do it? thanks
bg-ai3 on Mar-29-2009

Ohh this is great it is back up.
Although I got it to work on our league forum that uses PHPBB3
I e-mailed Frank on permission to continue the use I hope I get it.

This is a great app
Thanks for your hard work Frank
Ruben Miranda
RHitman on Mar-27-2009

stimulated, that is perfect news
bg-ai3 on Mar-26-2009

Good news it's back up

I've just about figured out how to host them myself as well

No download available yet though
sTimulated on Mar-25-2009

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