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rFactor Server Spy 1

By: Pointy

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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rFactor Server Spy allows you easily find and connect to rFactor multiplayer servers. It stores a copy of the last server list offline. so that if the matchmaker is down, the servers can still be refreshed. It also has advanced filtering, so that you can quickly and easily find a game that meets your preferences, along with the ability to show favourites in a different colour and sort them to the top.

- Stores the server list, so it can refresh servers even with the matchmaker down.

Shows favourite servers in a different colour, and sorts them to the top.

Advanced filtering, with 50+ filters.

Direct IP connect button.

MSN personal message changer, to show you buddies where you are playing.

Detailed server info, showing just about every variable sent out by the server.

Save & load filters.

Quickly change profiles.

1.0b Change Log:

Updated to work with version 1250

Fixed datarate display in server info window

Added new filters

Redesigned server info window

Added remove DedicatedServer profile option

Added session status column

Added auto update

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Latest rFactor Server Spy Comments

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Good show man.
Authorized it in Win7 Firewall and voila!
MotherDawg on Nov-09-2013

Thank you, that's great for find online drivers (or favorites servers) and to know where start rfactor. I've several versions installed =) It's a very big time saver!!!
BIGZYX50 on Jun-22-2013

im having a problem with the latest version of rfactor, filter works fine i love it, but if i join a game from this program rfactor closes completely as soon as i select a car, then i get put back to this program....... would be the the perfect program otherwise.....
any updates plz???????????????
CUZ11N on Dec-09-2009

somehow this program messed up my windows after reboot it didnt work anymore and needed always to be re-installed and somehow the installation started as i opened for example free flv converter
Kasjan on Aug-23-2009

try this one if it wont work :
"If anyone else is having problems with no servers displayed in the program window, try to install the server spy to the default path suggested by the installer if you didn't already.
For me it helped."
from rantanplan
for me it worked to , maybe u have to increase the timout for matchmaker

uninstalling works with extern apps like easy cleaner
Jin on Mar-22-2009

How can I uninstall this program ? my rfactor doesn't work if I try to join a server using this program. During the installation, it was indicated that the program is writting in a lot of directories/registries, but no "uninstall" link :/
Yoda on Feb-26-2009

The original link is not working so could some generous person send it to my email

Ziiping on Jan-19-2009

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