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rFactor Session & Championship Manager OnLine 1.30

By: Toff0693

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Toff0693
Screenie by: Toff0693
Screenie by: Toff0693
Screenie by: Toff0693

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New version 1.3 !
Many improvements :
- Multi languages support
- rFactor 2 support
- Graphical improvements

Free online tool dedicated to the managment of your race / practice / warmup / tesday sessions and championships.

Just upload the log file of the session located in the folder UserDataLOGResults. This logfile is automatically generated by rFactor.
No installation, no plugin !

Create and manage championship by just adding/removing round.

The website calculate all statistics by track, mod, drivers, teams and the ranks of championships.

Users must register to use. Registering is free.

Somme explanations here :

I'm french, so i need some help for translating the tool !

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The first one is that at that time there was no Skin Switcher for the cars, so you just painted one and that was it.
Because of that, the first version of the Skin Pack was a random mess of cars running in the first 3 rounds only.
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

I have difficult to install this car on rF2... can you help me?
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

Just wondering can you edit the points for the championship placings? Also to how for down do the points go???
wrxxy on Apr-15-2015


Firstly congratulations on your new version 1.3! His tool is exepcional =)

You do not have plans to add a version in Portuguese?
LuisFelipeBRA on Jul-18-2014

Hi Christophe, we received your email about V1.3 but the link you sent is dead. We sent you an email but it was bounced back. Can you please post a working link here or send it to us and we'll update it. Thank you
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jun-10-2014

Is the site down?

Registered and all I get is "erreur du connexion".

Activated account but can't login 'cos of this.
hdjg on Mar-17-2014

Hi , does anybody knows some rfactor tool or managment which allows agregate some "SERIES RACES" before "FINAL RACE"?? EX: When there is mora than 20 cars on race online , i want the option to choose 2 SERIES of 5 laps and then FINAL RACE of 20 laps , for example , thanks a lot
vueltaprevia on Mar-14-2014

Utilisez le traducteur google comme référence, par exemple, je ne domine pas l'anglais bien, il m'a beaucoup aidé dans ce domaine.

Félicitations pour un outil très intéressant!
LuisFelipeBRA on Mar-03-2014

très bien. un grand merci
mikee37 on Mar-02-2014

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