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rFactor Setup Comparer 1

By: Lester Teschner

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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You can view, compare, and print your rFactor setups. The rFactor Setup Comparer works for all MODS, classes of cars, chassis, and both measurement units. It's quite a handy tool when testing and developing setups.

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mohdsrao23 on Dec-07-2018

A little additional:

In all vehicle setup files, .SVM, under the [GENERAL] heading, there is a "Notes" field. The content of which is displayed in the bottom box of Setup Comparer.
Most mods don't write anything there but some do. An issue arises when the setup file is saved multiple times, the Notes field gets... saturated and a 2nd Notes field is created. This pushes all subsequent values down. Setup Comparer is not equip to deal with that so it starts displaying garbage.

If you open an setup file and it's all crooked, use a text editor to verify if that is the case. If so, remove excess Notes field but leave at least one with the following syntax:


Thank You.
MotherDawg on Aug-03-2015

Well ya know what ?

"Setup Comparer" has been broken for ages... probably because of the newer rFactor Executables.
Because of that, the SVM files gained a few lines and S.C. got borked.

I needed the thing and it wasn't working anymore.

The link to the original coder's page is dead so I could not get in touch with "Lester Teschner".
Since there hasn't been any movement or any updates for an eternity... in Internet time.
The Setup.exe dates back from 2006.

So without asking no one, I figured out what was broken and half a dozen adjustment later... it's fixed... I think... I hope...

"Works for me" -- R. Hunter

If it does not work for you, please post... I'll check once every blue moon.

Full stand alone release v1.1

Have Fun
MotherDawg on Nov-30-2014

Link for the program, please.
augusto on Aug-05-2012

There is no download link for the full program. There is only 1 link for patch
Could you upload the v1 program?
Thanks in advance
javirulo007 on Jul-08-2012

This is a GREAT utility.

It would be a PERFECT utility if one could edit setups with it, and especially if it had a field for "notes".

Thumbs up!
luizsilveira on Jun-22-2012

Hi, which folder do i put the setups in ... i downloaded a monaco setup for f1 2010, so ... C:// --> Program files --> rfactor ---> gamedata --> locations ---> f12010 ---> then in the folder where the track is?

please help
SMEE3EE on Jun-20-2010

I think this is a great utility, so I could comparer different set up and it helped me to improve my laps.
pedro2020 on Mar-15-2010

Originally posted by: gin_gt

How does this supposed to work?! when i click on the icon NOTHING happens, also there is no launch file in the folder where this installs to. so 0/5

it creates a shortcut on the desktop. then you click browse to get the 2 setups. it works fine
MS7XWDC on Feb-27-2010

Can i also use this set up tool to import set-ups for say GTR2 and compare set ups also using the browse function tab?? as you would do with rFactor!!
sid the sexist on Jan-28-2010

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