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rFactor Stats Keeper 1

By: F1Dave

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This utility is an Access database application that reads rFactor's results files and saves its contents into properly structured database tables.

From there on, people can do whatever they want with the results if they know how to work with databases. If you prefer using an SQL Server instance, you can use Access' "Upsizing wizard" to convert the tables and link them in the Access Application.

Tables linked from other database should work once linked via an ODBC connection but I have not tested this.

I had made this for our little friendly league and after talking about one person about it, I kept having requests for it so I thought I should release it here.

I have used it for 8 months now and I think all bugs are ironed out but please feel free to point out any bug you may find. Improvement suggestions are always welcome too.

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I used to play on rFactor when I was in grade 9, Good old days tbh! I tried to install it on Win 10 64-bit but the simulator does not compatible with the latest versions. I would love to play this again on my laptop if they launch a new compatible version of it. I used to send my school assignments to Homework writing services cheap just to play this with my bro. Good old days!!
SimonaHalep on Dec-31-2018

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harrybells76 on Nov-24-2018

Anyone know of a download source other then rapdishare?

That one is corrupted, and the link from RFC no longer works.
IMSA GTP on Jul-10-2011

nice work, and I'd like to make some improvements to it. I have no problem in sharing my source code. I'd like to make it work with object oriented databases and make some stuff in c#. If you can help me, it will be awesome. My msn is

Thanks in advance
P0110X on Oct-13-2009

Great work mate
Tiger33 on Apr-13-2009

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