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rFactor Talent Editor 2.03

By: Ian.H

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Fullchivo
Screenie by: Fullchivo

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TalentEditor reads and writes .RCD files with a simple to use interface. It also has a 'Random Stats' function to generate driver statistics, although some may require some fine-tuning for added realism as it's far from perfect, but definitely usable. Updates:
* User Interface enhancements
* Internal code optimisations
* Corrected data storage for windoze XP / vista compatibility under non-admin accounts

* Talent Pack Creator added

* Talent File Converter added

* Most Recently Used files list added

* Fixed bug in 'DriversChampionships' entry

* 'Completed Laps' now a range between 0 and 5000 when using the 'Random Stats' feature

* Documentation added

Note: Uninstall any 1.x.x.x version you have installed before installing the latest version. 2.x.x.x versions can simply be installed over an existing 2.x.x.x version.

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Thank you for updated link limseong
Jacen Solo on Apr-05-2015
limseong31 on Feb-15-2015

Suggestion: Create a 'Generate stats from Youtube video" button
SmashingPants67 on Oct-17-2014

If there is a racing driver like Bob Anderson in the game, but it's not in the talent map. How can i create a driver called Bob Anderson for the Bob in the game?
thijsmeerveld on Aug-24-2010

Do I need to convert the files, and if I do how do I do it???

Or do I need to create a talent pack for the files, and if so how do I do that!?????
jakesanson on Sep-18-2009

How do I change the names of drivers' cars in game???
jakesanson on Sep-18-2009

I just use Notepad to edit Talent but maybe I will try this
maxalan23 on Apr-10-2009


i've downloaded the tool and tried to use it. But what i have to do ?? i don't know how to use it that i works...i tried but i didn't manage so far... please help me.
AlexHertle on Apr-05-2009

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