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rFactor Trace 0.95

By: Julian G.

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Wer nicht weißt wie man eine trace für rFactor anlegt der braucht nur dieses Tool herunterladen und dies in den rfactor Ordner packen und davon starten. Und während Ihr dann spielt wird die trace angelegt.
Net Framework 4 wird benötig!!

Those who do not know how to create a trace for rFactor just needs this tool to download and unpack it in the rfactor folder and start from this. And while you are playing then the trace is created.
Net Framework 4 required

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I have some dyno charts and I want modify some engine.
On Physics Editor I can't change the PWR only the TORQUE.
I don't understand why...

Anybody can help me ????

Thanks !
66stanger on Feb-21-2013

What's Trace? tell something on the description next time ¬¬
Vynny Silva on Mar-03-2012

It's pretty hard to know what something does - when you don't tell anyone in the description!
doser on Apr-05-2011

trace....what is it
fritzisbro on Mar-24-2011

here dosent work
bigcarva on Mar-21-2011

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