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rFactor UI Updates 5

By: PeterV

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Riff

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rFactor UI updates by PeterV make rFactor easier to use and quicker to get around.
* The "XV" version has Expanded main menu buttons and a Leave Verify button to leave a track.

* The "X" version does NOT have the Verify option.

* The "SV" version has original expanding Smart Buttons and the Leave Track Verify.

* The "S" version of that does NOT have the Verify option.

The UI adds:

1) Driver names and position added to all (?) video feed screens (most done - any missing will be added soon)

2) Speed, RPM, Gear info to the maximised video feed screen.

3) Extra race setting parameters in the SETTINGS tab of track selection screens.
Separate applicable selections for Testing mode and Race Weeekend mode. (Dangerous Beans coding)

4) Toggle any video screens, from Min to Max to Min, by clicking anywhere on the video area.

5) Telemetry program start button in the Garage screen. This will start your chosen Telemetry program Exe and
toggle to the dektop (or just toggle if it is alrady loaded and running).
You must have your PLR file(s) set up for this to work: eg Data Acquisition EXE="C:\Program Files\Motec\I2\1.0\Motec.exe"

6) Transparent left edge 'banner' background so the car on the spinner is not covered by it.
If you do NOT want this then do not copy the STATIC_OVERLAY0000.TGA into the UIdata folder (or delete it there).

"X" - Expanded main screen menu that is fully accessible permanently (not pop open as per original)
Based on Krunch's menu mod.

"V" - Verification requester for exiting a track - so you can be sure you saved setup changes or
be sure you want to leave a multiplayer connection.
Refer to the RSC thread for further information and support.

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I am so much happy to share different messages in the following thread. Every topic we gathered for having factor central resumewriters com reviews and reports. That all you must read to catch some important entries and essays.
Beffsp on Nov-15-2018

has some one a download link?
nicotineplijster on Aug-02-2011

Is it possible to update this to use on 1.255. rfacror? theis is the best ui avilable and it does not work on Rfactors latest patch.

Pawgy on Feb-23-2010

Hello. I would like to download the (65.2 KB), (65.5 KB), (64.7 KB) and (65.4 KB) but I am not able to do it because I cannot login in and if I login in when I clic on the links for download it here I got a blank webpage. Please, can anyone explain me why is it?. Anyone knows where to download this four files please?. Thank you.
daviddrf on Jul-16-2009

Hi Riff,
Do you know if it is possible to add to the standard rfacto UI the following:
When you press join, you see all the game servers in the LAN or internet.
You see the ping column, players column, server name coumn, etc.
Is it possible to add a status of game (Qualifying, RAcing, Warm up, etc).
I saw this in server spy.
Thank you
miklosman on Jun-08-2009

We are almost there, deploying a modder beta tommorrow then we'll see what happens. But I still need permission for the extra FFB sliders & although I've seen many people use them in different UI's I think this is their source. It will take me 5 minutes to remove them but I'll rather leave them in if possible. If anybody is in touch with PeterV or KRUNCH please tell them to drop me line. Thanks
Riff on May-10-2009

Hey RiffRaff,

Any news on this UI update?
Goose247 on May-09-2009

Hello PeterV, Myself & a few friends are about to release a totally rebuild UI & showroom, but we are using a few FFB sliders that you created & are unable to contact you regarding permissions. Could you email your answer to, refusal will not offend & we respect the rights to your sliders. If you wish for a near complete beta copy & some screenshots we will happily oblige.
Cheers RiffRaff
RiffRaff.1 on Mar-29-2009

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