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rFactor Version Swap Utility 1

By: James Burroughs

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Vista Version Now Available for Download

NOTE, this installs to a brand new folder in C:\ drive it does not use the old folder for vista, I did this to differentiate the two XP from Vista, So if you did not copy your license to the lic1250 and lic1255 folders in the new Vista Install folder then the bats will just flash at you and do nothing, since they cant find the files I'm telling it to copy....

Old XP install is here


Vista install is here


File pathe for license changed to:

XCOPY "C:\TrySwapVista\lic1255\Trymedia" "C:\ProgramData\Trymedia" /s /h /e /y

Batch utility to easily swap between version 1250 and 1255f

Read me is enclosed


If you have the exe version it will install to your root c:\ Drive

If you get the zip then unzip to your C:\ drive or this will not work.

1. Backup Both versions of your Trymedia License folder, if you downloaded this, Then you probably already have.

2.Copy the ENTIRE Trymedia folder, NOT just the contence into the lic1250 / lic1255 folders (Look at Pics)

3. Make sure the sound folder from the 1255F Update is copied to your Sounds Folder. (this is optional if your sounds already work fine in both versions)

4.The 2 remaining folders have the 1250 and 1255 exe's and Plugins. (these are common files and don't need yours to be copied to them, so leave them alone)


If you have 1255 installed, then simply click on the "rFactor_1255_to_1250.bat" to Change to Version 1250

If you have 1250 installed, then simply click on the "rFactor_1250_to_1255.bat" to Change to Version 1255


rFactor / Trymedia Version Swap Utility Version 2.0
October 27, 2007

A More streamlined version to easy changing of directory for users with installs other than the default C:\Program Files\rFactor directory
This Update only includes 2 Batch files tagged with Version 2.0
This version uses the XCOPY command to replace the License files.
Contains less command lines to easy usability


Unzip to the C:\TrySwapUtility folder you will then see 2 batch files called


Click on the Batch file to Swap version installed to the Default C:\Program Files\rFactor directory

If you want to swap version in a custom directory:

1. Right Click on either Batch file
2. From the menu, choose "EDIT" This will open it with note pad so that you can edit the directory path
3. The 3 lines that are tagged with COPY can be edited to change the install directory


You want to change the directory to E drive and it is located in a folder called League1:

COPY "C:\TrySwapUtility\exe1250bk\rFactor\rFactor.exe" "C:\Program Files\rFactor\rFactor.exe"
COPY "C:\TrySwapUtility\exe1250bk\rFactor\rFactor Dedicated.exe" "C:\Program Files\rFactor\rFactor Dedicated.exe"
COPY "C:\TrySwapUtility\exe1250bk\rFactor\Plugins\NetCommUtilPlugin.dll" "C:\Program Files\rFactor\Plugins\NetCommUtilPlugin.dll"

Changed Directory:

COPY "C:\TrySwapUtility\exe1250bk\rFactor\rFactor.exe" "E:\League1\rFactor\rFactor.exe"
COPY "C:\TrySwapUtility\exe1250bk\rFactor\rFactor Dedicated.exe" "E:\League1\rFactor\rFactor Dedicated.exe"
COPY "C:\TrySwapUtility\exe1250bk\rFactor\Plugins\NetCommUtilPlugin.dll" "E:\League1\rFactor\Plugins\NetCommUtilPlugin.dll"

Repeat above steps for the 2nd Batch file to change the version back

There is no need to change the XCOPY line because the license always goes to the same directory.

You could also copy the 2 batch files, rename them to say League1. Then you will have 4 batch files and would be able to
change 2 different installs, the default C:\Program Files\rFactor director, and the new E:\League1\rFactor

This can be done as many times as you want, depending on how many rFactor Installs you have on your computer.

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