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rFactorMonitor 0.40

By: BeBa

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: BeBa

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rFactorMonitor is an add-on application for rFactor. It can be used to broadcast rFactor sessions in real time either on a LAN or over the internet.

Feature list:
- Relaying all the live game statistics and track condition(including practice and race session) in rFactor to every single audience in the internet.
- Relaying the games in rFactor not only from the local system, but also from any other servers in the internet.
- The rFactor being transmitted can be run as a game server, or connected to a paticular server as a player or audience.
- Downloading and displaying track maps and sectors automatically.
- Able to display every player's position on the track, driving route and fighting details.
- Recording down the single-lap statistics of every player in the current session.
- Displaying all the semaphores, e.g, yellow flag, start lights.
- Highlighting incidents occurred immediatly, e.g, ranking changes, the fastest lap timing.
- Fast-forward and pause functions when playing relay files.

Future Planning:
- Instant playback function, similar as Instant Replay in rFactor.
- Broadcasting text infomation, allows the broadcast of text news to audiences.
- P2P relay service, allowing larger number of audiences.

- How big the network bandwidth does the rFactorMonitor require?

The bandwidth occupied by the rFactorMonitor is related with the number of cars and audiences. Generally, 0.13-0.14kb of network bandwidth is occupied per car per second.
Suppose there are 10 racing cars in the server, for each audience, rFactor uploads or downloads 1.3-1.4kb of data from the server per second. 10 audiences will occupy 13-14kb of bandwidth.

- Will the rFactorMonitor affect the fluency of the network games in the rFactor?

Should be no, it is because rFactorMonitorPlugin(rFactor service) is limited to one connection at a time, the bandwidth occupied by the rFactorMonitor from the rFactor server does not change with the change of number of audiences. When there are 10 racing cars in the server, only 1.3-1.4kb of bandwidth will be occupied by the rFactorMonitor from the rFactor game server. This bandwidth requirement is less than a rFactor client connected as an audience.

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any recent updates? welding
looneyhans on Feb-08-2021

Links are down again it seems tgynecomastia
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

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MakaiLance on Oct-31-2018

Hi. Very very good tool that we use in our professional simulator ! I just want ask if I can adjust the font size in the binary code. Is anyone able to tell me where is the number that identify the font size and the cell size? we want fit this plugin in a top tv up our panel control but we struggling to see the numbers...THank yOU!
Saveriomix on Oct-04-2014

Hey, i know the topic is old but my monitor is not working. It said it need java but java is already installed. I have Windows 7 64bit
issue on Aug-11-2014

hi guys,
anyone can help me plz?, can run it not work, i'd like to use it like as liveracers but not work :'( i place the plugin in the rF plugin folder? i'm newb sorry...
i do everything right but not work
oxia on Apr-19-2012

Hi all

Has anyone heard if this is being updated for rFactor 2?

There seem to be several web based monitors but i much prefer the stand alone style like this one.
icoombs on Mar-26-2012

Hi all,

Is the yellow flag indicator working for someone ? I have always Yellow Flag = None
Yoda on Dec-09-2011

Track files get generated on the fly when you connect to the server.
NoelH on Feb-02-2011

Need new .track files for more tracks. Is it possible to make our own to add? What format are the .track files?

Thank you and have a great day!
damaboo on Jan-13-2011

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