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rTrack 1

By: FastEddieWoe and Jayforce
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Jul-08
Current release: 1, on 01-Jul-08

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Screenie by: Siggs
Screenie by: Siggs
Screenie by: Siggs
Screenie by: Siggs
Screenie by: Jayforce
Screenie by: Jayforce
Screenie by: Jayforce
Screenie by: Jayforce
Screenie by: Jayforce
Screenie by: Jayforce

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This is the first track that we will be releasing for rFactor. This track idea came about whilst chatting with my good friend Tyson (FastEddieWoe) one night long into the wee hours after we had just made a purchase of Bob's Track Builder. After some time poking around in our new toy we imported a background image of the rFactor logo and set about laying a track surface over the top of it ... it all started out as a simple learning experience using BTB and simply progressed on from there.

We've redone alot of the track from our first build since the terrain support was added to BTB. We have opted to use exsisting rFactor bits from various tracks included with the game to fill the track out due to both of us not having any real good max / moddeling experience.

rTrack V1.0 is released for public download this 1st day of July 2008

There will be a V2.0 release in the future which will be 100% scratch built and updated with the upcoming release of BTB. We are not putting a estimated time line or date on it but it will come when its ready. Enjoy the track as it is for now and thanks for all the comments / feedback which will go towards the future release.

*NOTE* missed in credits is Krunch from ORSM for his improved SKY release. It works a charm mate, thanks :)

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Its a very beautiful track, who would have thought R letter can be such a good track layout. Anyway, i really appreciate the ideea, thanks
CapitanulHaos on May-30-2009

Cool Track!
mrkelso on Mar-29-2009

Unfortunately NO this can not be converted to another sim as all the buildings are from ISI tracks. I am currently working on updating the track with non ISI models. No ETA on release but it will be a wile.
FastEddieWoe on Nov-25-2008

And BTW nice track I was wondering if i could get some of my friends in and convert this to GTR evo?
Chrisuu01 on Oct-29-2008

That my friend is a the BMW m3 E90
Chrisuu01 on Oct-29-2008

what is the care on the pictures... so it's bmw!! but I don't know the model!!
please answer!
nxnx on Sep-27-2008

Bobs Track Builder and 3DSimEd were used to make rTrack. Buildings were taken from ISI tracks.
Bobs Track Builder can be found here at RfactorCentral under the ADDONS tab
FastEddieWoe on Sep-02-2008

bob's track builder.........or 3dstudio v8.

BTB is £30? 3DS £3500?

3DS v8 is available on torrent, so the rumour goes..........
the_last_name_left on Sep-01-2008

But i mean a track from the start also. What program must i buy for this?
Jermainesmit on Sep-01-2008

You can use this

the_last_name_left on Sep-01-2008

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