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xUI and Showroom 1.80

By: Riff

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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xUI & Showroom v1.80 (released 21 November 2010)
Modified rFactor User Interface & Showroom
The xUI is a culmination of many ideas, drawn form various people & mod teams over the years, with a few new ideas thrown in by ourselves. So we would like to thank the work of the following -
Cubemaps in showroom created by GSFM Alien & 6e66o
Extended FFB sliders by Dangerous Beans, PeterV, KRUNCH
Layout ideas from - Historx, CTDP, GPL, GTR2
Main contributors are MaxB, Rickster, LOG, SteveP, Fiona, Matty, M Knuckey
Modders are also welcome to include & modify the xUI as part of a vehicle release. Templates will follow shortly.

xUI User Interface v1.80
Choice of 3 Showrooms
Installation Instructions

Bug Reports (Bug reports, suggestions & new ideas are welcome)
Inrace Information Page- no mini track map but has large track map
For best results use the following settings in your player file
ie ...\UserData\"your username"\"your username".PLR

Low Detail UI="0" allows high resolution GUI
(in a small minority of mods this will cause a CTD on every track load, so you'll know if the mod is incompatible with it)

Miscellaneous="1" allows zooming in showroom

Allow Letterboxing="0" allows chat & info in online replay

See the readme provided for install instructions & useful rFactor tips

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interior painting glad i found this site.
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

Riff. Are you still around?
I wan to ask if we can use your XUI in our massive (300+ liveries) mod.
discocandy on Sep-01-2013

Aysberg did you send Riff a mail or you just asking here? Normally modders wont watch comments anymore if it´s to long ago...
rainmaker87 on Oct-30-2012

BTW, a great addition would be to make it compatible with rFE Weather Plugin, so you can change the weather from within rF...
aosudif1 on Oct-29-2012

Hey, aysberg, that UI looks amazing... it would be great if you can share...
aosudif1 on Oct-29-2012

or upload it here
Slobbeman on Oct-29-2012

hey aysberg
could you send me your xUi version it's look amazing
1224Deko on Oct-29-2012

hey Riff

I've made new graphics for xUI, would release it if you don't mind.
Check it here
aysberg on Oct-17-2012

hey Riff mon.

I use XUI exclusively in rF1 and look forward to it being ported over to rF2.

however, I would like to ask fora little sumpin', sumpin'.

how about on each page of the UI, the Mod Selection page for instance you add a box or open a window for text we can input about each mod. Also a text box on the Vehicle page, perhaps for the whole Class instead of each individual car. especially on the Track page, I may need more than a paragraph for each layout here I think, and the text files could be put in each track folder for access outside of rF. The Mod and Vehicle text file can be kept in the mod folders also.

I like the logic your menu mod very much, I just wish had some color choices. Green and black . . . that's just tooo RGB . . . so last century.
Moe Faster on Sep-20-2012

liking this as it freshens up the front end. since the back end has so many mods it's nice to have something like this to compliment it. nice work!
cutback73 on Mar-30-2012

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