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11-Jul-08: Lotsa rFactorCentral Updates: What's Hot & More!

Lots of changes to rFactorCentral in the last few days:

What's Hot! New on the RFC home page is the What's Hot panel. You'll find it on the left side, just below the Latest Track. What's Hot pulls in data from My HOF Nominations. Related, the top 10 My HOF Nominations are now visible for each month.

Google Search Google Custom Search, which lets you search all of rFactorCentral and the web, has been repositioned for easier access. On the front right of the home page, and on the right side of every mod profile page.

rFactorCentral Hall of Fame While the entry requirements to rFactorCentral's original Hall of Fame remain the same, the default listing order of cars, tracks and addons within the Hall of Fame is now weighted via a combination of ratings and the number of ratings. The order is recalculated automatically daily. Hall of Fame can also be sorted by Rating alone, Number of votes alone and entry order into the Hall of Fame.

rFactorCentral News rFactorCentral news is now categorized into Releases, WIPs, RFC, Development and SimRacerCentral sub areas. The news archive page has also been updated to support the news categories.

rFactorCentral RSS Newsfeed fixes The small glitch that caused occasional errors in the RSS newsfeed has been corrected.

rMail Updates Several improvements have been made to rMail including the independent ability of both the sender and recipient to delete messages. New messages are now flagged in the subnavigation strip across the top of every RFC page, along with the home page alert in the News area.Thanks for the positive comments.

There are a lot of updates planned in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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