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American Endurance Racing League
Game Title: rFactor
Region: Northern America
Founded in: Not yet provided
Skill Levels: Beginner Not yet provided
Intermediate Not yet provided
Advanced Not yet provided
Race Frequency: Not yet provided
Race Time Zone: Not yet provided
Server Availability: Not yet provided
Cost: Not yet provided
Web site: http://www.fasteddiesgarage/raceleague.htm
League Description: A GPL league transitioning to rFactor w/79 F1 Mod. League runs annually from late October to late February. AERL runs 1 hour races with 100% damage scale. Races run Thursday night 8:30 CST with practice races on Tuesday night. League always finishes in late February with eligible drivers racing for AERL travelling trophy, the "Tasse D'Enduro" at the 24 Laps of Le Mans. AERL invites you to join this courteous group of excellent drivers for some of best action racing sims has to offer.

Cars Raced Tracks Raced
  - Not yet provided   - Not yet provided