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BPRL Racing
Game Title: rFactor
Region: Northern America
Founded in: 2006
Skill Levels: Beginner -- Yes
Intermediate -- Yes
Advanced -- Yes
Race Frequency: Weekly
Race Time Zone: GMT -5
Server Availability: 24/7
Cost: Free
Web site:
Related Race Events:   - BPRL Racing ALMS 24 hour Daytona Road Course Event

League Description: BPRL, Founded in 2006, strives to provide competitive and fun racing for free. Running SCE.98, BPRL runs fixed and open setup leagues. visit us for more details

bprl racing

its not just a race, it's a lifestyle

Cars Raced Tracks Raced
  - F1 Champions
  - XtremeRacers 2006
  - FSONE 2006
  - ORR Trucks
  - Porsche Fabcar Challenge
  - ProtoRacer Demon
  - ProtoRacer Proton
  - rTrainer
  - SBS Sprint Car Racing
  - Sprint Car
  - Stock Car Evolution
  - Not yet provided
BPRL Racing